Brett Shimura is the secondary antagonist in SCREAM Season 1 -- Let The Bloodbath Begin. He was Lakewood's cruelest resident for centuries to come, ultimately before his murder. Brett managed to make so many people despise him, that just about every other character in the story had a motive for his murder.

Brett has the most influence over the plot, the setting of the story and has the biggest role all over the story and without him, there would be no story to begin with.

Brett proudly defends his posting of Audrey Jensen's bullying makeout tape as a necessary part of the high school social hierarchy.

Personality and Traits Edit

As we see in the opening scene, Brett is openly cruel and self-centered. He fakes friendship, and love, to get what he wants. He is also well-known for being capable of rounding up a great deal of pawns due to his charisma.

Physical Appearance Edit


Role Edit

In the school cafeteria, Brett spots Audrey Jensen and taunts her with Audrey's corn dog. Brett snatches her video camera and films Audrey. Brett takes the corn dog and devilishly tried stuffing it into Audrey's face. Brett taunts Audrey some more before the bell rang. After school, Brett looks back at Audrey, staring devilishly, before jumping into Tyler Miller's Camaro.

Later that day, late at night, Brett is dropped off in front of his house. Tyler flirts with Brett but Brett rejects him from coming inside. Brett gets out of Tyler's car and enters his house. Brett commands some music from his iPhone 6 and changes into black swim trunks. A shirtless Brett receives a creepy Snapchat image of himself pulling on his swim trunks. Brett then receives creepy texts from Tyler. Brett yells at Tyler that he will "gut Tyler on command". Brett walks outside his front door and out onto the front porch, scanning the area for Tyler, who is nowhere to be seen. Then, Brett receives a Snapchat image of himself walking outside. Brushing this off, Brett says that Tyler should get the message, and walks out to his backyard. Brett walks to the hot tub and sits at the edge, when lights click on behind. Brett turns his head around, seeing no one in the light. After the light clicks off, Brett texts Tyler a few times. After that, Brett sinks inside the bubbling water and texts Tyler one more time. After hearing something rustle in the nearby bushes, Brett scrambles out and aimelessly runs to hide behind a tree. However, a motion-detector light clicks on, showing Tyler's disemboweled corpse tied to a chair. Terrified to the bone, Brett was about to scream for help, but someone appears behind him and viciously slashes a wicked-sharp hunting knife horizontally across Brett's back, slicing it open. Brett screams in agonizing pain. He backs away and runs to the back gate, mortally wounded. While running down a tiled pathway to a back gate, Brett falls. He crawls towards the back gate. However, the figure lifts Brett to his feet. The tear-stained Brett gets his throat severely sliced open. The figure carelessly tosses Brett to the ground, with Brett landing in a semi-fetal position in front of the back gate, surrounded in a large pool of blood.