Sheriff Jeremy Crane Edit

Description: The sheriff of Waldenwood, and father to Ava Crane. A hardworking sheriff who becomes determined to catch the killer especially once he realises his family could be targeted.

Age: 43

Occupation: Sheriff

Hunter Ramsey Edit

Description: A smart and well known reporter, who comes to town to investigate the recent slaughtering. Not afraid to fight for what he believes in, even if he knows he is in the wrong.     

Age: 21     

Occupation: Reporter     

Leanne Floyd Edit

Description: One of the kind and thoughtful girls in the school. Is known for her emotional state, which causes people to believe she is weak. She tries to prove to people that she is not emotionally weak by ignoring the killings when they start, but how long until her emotions catch up with her?

Age: 17

Occupation: High-School Student

Ella Brown Edit

Description: The youngest of the friendship group. Is treated like an angel by her boyfriend, Sean Hayes. Is best friends with Alissa. Will her undying love for Sean will be tested when the killings begin? Only time will tell.

Age: 16

Occupation: High-School Student

Harry Thomas Edit

Description: Father to Austin and Husband to Ashley. Just like Ashley, he has a secret, but has forgotten due to a head injury which he suffered a few years ago.

Age: 40

Occupation: Unemployed

Alissa Miller Edit

Description: A member of Austin's friendship group and best friends with Ella. However, despite being in the friendship group, she is not on friendly terms with Hayley.

Age: 17

Occupation: High-School Student

Shauna Baker Edit

Description: Is one of the popular mean girls and best friend of her loyal minion, Danielle. Shauna is the Queen Bee bitch of Waldenwood High. Is one of Austin's many enemies and makes no secret of it, which makes her a suspect.

Age: 17

Occupation: High-School Student

Danielle Duffy Edit

Description: Is another one of the popular girls in Waldenwood High, and is the loyal minion of Shauna. However is not a mean girl like her. Danielle is happily in a relationship with her boyfriend, Dawson Riley.

Age: 17

Occupation: High-School Student

Caleb Prince Edit

Description: A strange student at Waldenwood High. He likes to keep to himself and acts rather different compared to others. Multiple people consider him a suspect.

Age: 17

Occupation: High-School Student

Mrs Gemma Haywood Edit

Description: Is a Psychology Teacher at Waldenwood High, tries her best to mentor her students throughout the killing spree.

Age: 33

Occupation: Psychology Teacher

Ava Crane Edit

Description: The daughter of the sheriff. Moved in with her father weeks before the killings started due to the passing of her mother and step-father.

Age: 17

Occupation: High-School Student

Dawson Riley Edit

Description: The popular boyfriend of Danielle Duffy. He believes that Danielle should replace Shauna and take her Queen Bee status.

Age: 18

Occupation: Collage Student