Scream: The Primal Fear (Season 1) is a fan fiction, written by Chainsaw-xo / Alexander.  It is part 1 of a 9 part saga.

Plot and SettingEdit

After the news of a brutal triple murder comes out, it's not long before an era of bloodshed, loss and betrayal comes with it. During the deadly events, suspicions emerge among the citizens of Waldenwood.

Character Descriptions (minus minor ones)Edit

Austin Thomas (17) Description:
File:Austin Thomas (Season 1).jpg
Our male lead in the story. Tall and handsome. He tries to keep himself together as the killings occur, but will how long until they finally get to him?
Picture of Tommy Dorfman as he would appear as Austin Thomas.
Oliver Anderson (17) Description:
File:Oliver Anderson (Season 1).jpg
The social outcast. Was best friends with Austin when they were younger, but grew apart over the years due to Austin's gained popularity. Oliver and Austin rekindle their friendship as they team up to find the killer.
Picture of Tyler Blackburn as he would appear as Oliver Anderson.
Hayley Campbell (17) Description:
File:Hayley Campbell.jpg
A completely energetic girl and close friend of Austin. Hayley is always the friend who defends Austin to anyone and helps him during his times of need.  She is one of the popular girls in the school, and practically has the perfect life. When the killings start up, Hayley is determined to help Austin as much as she can.
Picture of Liz Gillies as she would appear as Hayley Campbell.
Ashley Thomas (39) Description:
File:Ashley Thomas.jpg
Austin's mother and Harry's wife. She loves Austin more than anything. Despite being married, she pretty much has to look after her husband just as much as she does Austin due to his memory loss. Ashley has a secret and when the killer comes, she realises that her secret will not stay buried forever.
Picture of Andrea Parker as she would appear as Ashley Thomas.
Sean Hayes (17) Description:
File:Sean Hayes.jpg
Ella's boyfriend and Austin's best friend. Austin and Sean seem to drift apart once the killings start. Sean is known as a major prankster, however is somebody who you'd want as a friend. The only thing he can focus on during the killings is protecting Ella and trying to unmask the killer before they take somebody close to him.
Picture of Freddie Highmore as he would appear as Sean Hayes.
Nicole Smith (17) Description:
File:Nicole Smith (Season 1).jpg
Is the twin sister of Nathan. Just like Nathan, she tries to support Austin as much as she can when the killings occur.
Picture of Janel Parrish as she would appear as Nicole Smith.
Nathan Smith (17) Description:
File:Nathan Smith.jpg
Is the twin brother of Nicole. Just like Nicole, he tries to support Austin as much as he can when the killings occur.
Picture of Ross Butler as he would appear as Nathan Smith.
Harry Thomas (40) Description:
File:Harry Thomas.jpg
Father to Austin and Husband to Ashley. Just like Ashley, he has a secret, but has forgotten due to a head injury which he suffered a few years ago.
Picture of Tom Everett Scott as she would appear as Hayley Campbell.
Jeremy Crane (43) Description:
File:Jeremy Crane.jpg
The sheriff of Waldenwood, and father to Ava Crane. A hardworking sheriff who becomes determined to catch the killer especially once he realises his family could be targeted.
Picture of Denis O'Hare as he would appear as Jeremy Crane.
Ella Brown (16) Description:
File:Ella Brown.png
The youngest of the friendship group. Is treated like an angel by her boyfriend, Sean Hayes. Is best friends with Alissa. Will her undying love for Sean will be tested when the killings begin? Only time will tell.
Picture of Willa Fitzgerald as she would appear as Ella Brown.
Alissa Miller (16) Description:
File:Alissa Miller (Season 1).jpg
A member of Austin's friendship group and best friends with Ella. However, despite being in the friendship group, she is not on friendly terms with Hayley.
Picture of Alisha Boe as she would appear as Alissa Miller.
Hunter Ramsey (20) Description:
File:Hunter Ramsey.jpg
A smart and well known reporter, who comes to town to investigate the recent slaughtering. Not afraid to fight for what he believes in, even if he knows he is in the wrong. 
Picture of Keegan Tracey as he would appear as Hunter Ramsey.
Leanne Floyd (16) Description:
File:Leanne Floyd.png
One of the kind and thoughtful girls in the school. Is known for her emotional state, which causes people to believe she is weak. She tries to prove to people that she is not emotionally weak by ignoring the killings when they start, but how long until her emotions catch up with her?
Picture of Drew Barrymore as she would appear as Alissa Miller.
Shauna Baker (17) Description:
File:Shauna Baker.jpg
Is one of the popular mean girls and best friend of her loyal minion, Danielle. Shauna is the Queen Bee bitch of Waldenwood High. Is one of Austin's many enemies and makes no secret of it, which makes her a suspect.
Picture of Ajiona Alexus as she would appear as Shauna Baker.
Danielle Duffy (17) Description:
File:Danielle Duffy.jpg
Is another one of the popular girls in Waldenwood High, and is the loyal minion of Shauna. However is not a mean girl like her. Danielle is happily in a relationship with her boyfriend, Dawson Riley.
Picture of Emma Roberts as she would appear as Danielle Duffy.
Caleb Prince (17) Description:
File:Caleb Prince.png
A strange student at Waldenwood High. He likes to keep to himself and acts rather different compared to others. Multiple people consider him a suspect.
Picture of Charlie Heaton as he would appear as Caleb Prince.
Gemma Haywood (28) Description:
File:Gemma Haywood.png
Is a Psychology Teacher at Waldenwood High, that tries her best to mentor and keep her students safe throughout the killing spree.
Picture of Austin Highsmith as she would appear as Gemma Haywood.
Ava Crane (17) Description:
File:Ava Crane.jpg
The daughter of the sheriff. Moved in with her father weeks before the killings started due to the passing of her mother and step-father.
Picture of Emily Kinney as she would appear as Ava Crane
Dawson Riley (17) Description:
File:Dawson Riley.jpg
The popular boyfriend of Danielle Duffy. He believes that Danielle should replace Shauna and take her Queen Bee status.

Picture of Nico Tortorella as he would appear as Dawson Riley


Chapter 1Edit

We open to three teenage friends, Alison Harris, Michael Stevens and Billy Gould, who are attempting to break into an abandoned school which had closed down seven years prior. We can hear loud thumping and banging against one of the wooden boards that covered one of the doors. We then see that Michael has picked up a rusting golf club off the floor and is now smashing at the board. Michael is clearly struggling to smash a hole through the wooden board. Billy offers to help him, but Michael refuses to let him, as he want's to impress Alison, but Billy doesn't know that. Billy walks off to find something he can use to smash his way in.

While looking for an item to use, Billy doesn't notice the hooded stranger watching him. The cut to Billy's point of view, he is rummaging throughout all the trash on the floor. He has enough of looking and gets up. He looks in the direction of where the stranger was standing, but there is nobody or anything there. Billy walks back over to Alison and Michael. When Michael sees Billy, he shows that he managed to put a giant hole in the door. Billy laughs and sarcastically congratulates him. The three teens squeeze themselves through the hole and into the school. Billy is the first one to go through the hole, and Alison is the last.

The three teenagers walk around the abandoned school, with Alison claiming that it smelt like cat shit and piss. The others laugh at her. Billy and Alison begin to hold hands as they walk through the messy classrooms. In one of the classrooms, Alison walks in and tells the others that this is the classroom that her mother and father first spoke in and how twenty-four years later, they're married. Billy declares that Alison's story is cute, and he wishes that they end up the same way, but first he really has to piss. Billy then leaves the room while he goes to find a place to urinate.

When Alison and Michael are left alone, they shout to Billy that they're going to walk on, and to catch up with them once he is done. Alison and Michael begin walking. Michael asks Alison about how it felt when Billy was gone, before they broke through those wooden boards, and they kissed. Alison raises her voice, but whispers to Michael to shut up about it, just in case Billy hears. Michael promises not to say another word, as long as he gets another kiss before Billy returns. Alison begins smiling, and tells Michael that he's so desperate. She walks over and the pair begin to kiss again. They cannot contain themselves and begin to undress one another, they both clearly forget that Billy could come in at any moment. They stumble backwards and fall onto a pile of old newspapers, but they continue going at it. They begin to have sex.

Alison and Michael are struck with fear when the hear Billy shouting for them to wait up for him. They begin to realise that they're about to be caught, so they both quickly redress each other. Just as Alison is putting her shirt back on, Billy finds them. He pauses when he realises what has just happened. Alison knows that Billy knows. She runs over to him, begging him to forgive her, and tells him that it was a mistake. Alison wraps her arms around Billy and tells him that she's sorry, but Billy shoves Alison off him. Michael comes over to defend Alison. Michael and Billy start a verbal fight, throwing abuse at one another. Alison screams for them to stop but they will not.

Alison begins crying when she realises how much trouble she has caused. She tries pulling Billy away from Michael, but Billy tells Alison to get her hands off of him and calls her a whore. Alison, clearly hurt by what Billy just called her, begins walking away, crying even harder than before. Billy and Michael follow Alison, with Billy throwing abuse at both Alison and Michael, and Michael throwing abuse at Billy. As they're walking on, their argument intensifies. Billy stops walking in Alison's direction and turns to Michael. Billy swings his fist at Michael, which results in Michael getting a popped nose. Michael throws himself at Billy, knocking Billy to the floor; the two begin to fight. However, Alison is too far away from them to hear or see the fight.

Billy and Michael stop fighting when they hear Alison screaming for help. The two run over to see what she is screaming at. Billy gets there first, and his facial expressions change from anger, to fear; as does Michael's. In front of the three teenagers, is the fresh corpse of a pig with its intestines spread out all over the floor. Michael accuses Billy of doing this when he went to piss, as he already knew about them kissing. Billy is about to punch Michael again when he realises that Alison has cheated more than once. Alison screams for Billy not to hurt him anymore.

Just then, the three teenagers get the scare of their life. A smashing noise came from the classroom that is next to where they are. They turn around when they realise that there is somebody in the school with them. The three begin running. Billy tells Alison, as he continues running, that he blames Leanne Floyd for this, as she suggested they come here and she didn't even show up. Alison screams for Billy not to blame Leanne, as she has been through enough. Michael tells the other two that it could be Leanne playing a prank on them. The three teenagers stop running. Billy is in front of the other two. He turns around to tell Alison that they are over for good, but just as he turns around, he sees somebody dressed in black, standing behind Alison and they're holding a knife. Billy screams for Alison and Michael to run, they both turn around to see what's there when suddenly...

SLASH! The hooded stranger swings their knife through Alison's throat, slicing it from ear to ear. Alison Harris is dead. Billy screams for Michael to run, but it's too late for Michael as he is repeatedly stabbed in the chest, stomach, and finally in the face. Michael Stevens is dead. Billy has a bloodcurdling scream, as a reaction to the two murders that he has just witnessed. Once the hooded stranger has finished off Michael, their attention turns to Billy, but Billy is long gone, he began running off before the Killer had killed Michael. The hooded stranger wipes the blood off of their knife. 

The scene cuts to Billy as he runs off. He picks up a fallen down bookshelf and hides under it. Billy believes that he is safe. He pulls out his phone to cry and call the police for help, but just as he goes to dial, RING, RING! Billy answers the phone without checking who it is and begins screaming for help. It's revealed that its the killer on the other end, who asks Billy if he wants to die. Billy is experiencing a deep fear over just witnessing the double murders of his friends, and how he could potentially die next. Billy is full of adrenaline and is completely terrified, which the killer can tell by the tone of Billy's voice. The killer offers Billy a deal, if he can make it out of the school before they find him, then he'll live, but if he is found, he dies. Billy hesitates but accepts the deal. He throws the bookshelf off him. He gets up and finds the killer running at him with a knife pointed at him. He tries to run but the killer manages to slit Billy's arm.

The killer turns around and runs at Billy again, hoping to kill him this time around. However, as the killer goes to stab Billy, he manages to jump out of the way and kick the knife out of the killer's hand. Billy and the killer fight to try and get the knife, with the killer ultimately failing, as Billy manages to get the knife. As the killer gets up to run, Billy swings the knife at them, hoping to injure them, but misses by a few inches. The killer, who is no longer in sight, calls Billy for a second time, to tell him that if he want's to live, to run now. Billy notices an open door near where he is, so he picks himself and runs through the door, with the knife in hand. Billy stops running when he believes that he is now safe and begins to call the police.

Suddenly, the hooded stranger appears in front of Billy, and this time, they are wielding an axe. The killer tells Billy that they had given him enough time to escape, but he failed to do so. When Billy realises that the killer is in front of him, he begins running again. With his heart racing and blood pumping, Billy ran faster than he had previously. He manages to outrun the killer, who has chased him back inside the school. After he notices that the killer is behind him again, and is very close, Billy decides to do a U-turn around the killer and nearly manages to stab them. He runs back out of the door, with the killer chasing him. As Billy gets further away from the killer, he begins losing breath and slows down in speed due to tiredness and eventually stops, gasping for air. The killer uses this to their advantage and attempts to decapitate Billy with the axe, but misses when Billy begins running again. With Billy still being in close range, and the killer being too tired to run anymore, they throw their axe at Billy, severely injuring his leg.

Having been injured with the axe, Billy struggles to get back up. He finally accepts the fact that there is no escaping his deadly fate. He throws himself back on the ground as the killer approaches. The killer begins laughing at how they have made Billy so weak. They happily pick up their axe and begin hacking at Billy in the stomach, chest and groin repeatedly. Billy squeals and bawls as he is being slaughtered. The killer repeatedly bashes the axe into Billy as if they were hacking at a tree. Billy takes his final breath. Billy Gould is dead.

Chapter 2Edit

We open to later in the day, and we are introduced to Austin Thomas, who is on FaceTime with Nicole Smith, the twin-sister of Nathan Smith. They're both discussing the new horror film, Saw Legacy, which they both want to see. Nicole suggests that they watch it together, and Austin agrees. They both smile at each other in a friendly way. Austin's phone begins buzzing, to alert him that he has a text message. After Austin has read the text message, his smile turns into a look of terror. He tells Nicole that he has to end the call, although does not explain why. Nicole is understanding and the video call ends. Austin is frantic while rereading the text, over and over. It is revealed that on the text message, somebody was threatening to blow up Austin's house. Austin was confused and worried at this text, fearing the worst. He receives another text, demanding him to look outside.

Austin strolls over to his bedroom window and looks out of it. Austin stares out into the darkness and notices somebody staring right back at him, dressed in the Father Death costume from Scream. The costumed person then points their knife at Austin, which scares him. They then throw their knife to the floor and begin to unmask their-self. As the mask is taken off, a laugh is heard, which sounds familiar to Austin. The unmasked person and Austin make eye contact. It's revealed that it's Austin's best friend, Sean Hayes, playing a prank on him. Sean laughs at Austin, while Austin berates Sean for scaring him. Austin then runs down the stairs and lets Sean in the house. As the pair walks through the front room, Sean spots Austin's father, Harry Thomas, completely passed out on the sofa. They both wander up the stairs and enter Austin's bedroom.

The scene cuts to Sheriff Jeremy Crane, sitting alone in his office. He is reading reports on former investigations. Just then, his personal phone begins ringing. He notices that the caller is listed as unknown and is instantly confused. He decides to answer the call, the voice on the other end is the killer, but Jeremy does not know that yet. The killer tells Jeremy that they'd like to report some very suspicious activity at the old abandoned school, on Radley Road. Jeremy quizzes the caller on how they got his private number. The killer tells him that how they got his number is not the issue here, but what lies in the abandoned school is. Sheriff Crane stands up and calls for a deputy. He assigns Deputy Anthony Martinez to come with him, so they can investigate.

The scene cuts to around thirteen minutes after Sheriff Crane had received the call from the killer. He had only just arrived at the school. Sheriff Crane and Deputy Martinez both exit the police car that they had drove to the school. They both pull out their guns and torches and then follow the light of the torch. After a few moments of looking around, Deputy Martinez spots a blood trail on the floor and then calls Sheriff Crane over to come see. When he sees the blood-trail, Sheriff Peters begins to follow it. The trail of blood leads the two of them to the broken boards that Alison, Michael and Billy had got through prior to their deaths.

As they walk in, they notice that the blood-trail goes even further. They continue following the trail until it leads them in the old auditorium. Sheriff Crane and Deputy Martinez walk over to where the blood trail ends. They spot that there is a pool of blood, with blood dripping down from above. They both point their torches at where the direction of where the blood is dripping from. As they look up, their eyes come across of the chained up, bloody corpses of Alison and Michael. Sheriff Crane takes out his walkie-talkie and calls in for backup. After calling for backup, Deputy Martinez shouts to Sheriff Crane that he has found another body, except this one, looks to have suffered worse. We cut to Deputy Martinez's point of view, we see Billy's mutilated, bloody corpse, laying on the floor.

The scene cuts to around an hour later. The police are swarming around the abandoned school, searching to either find the killer, evidence or to find a fourth body. The scene cuts to Sheriff Crane being questioned by a tremendous amount of reporters, with one of them being Hunter Ramsey. Hunter is being filmed by his cameraman while he quizzes Sheriff Crane on how something like this could happen in a small town like this. Sheriff Crane swears that he will find who did this, and he will bring them to justice.

The doors of the school fling open, the forensic team are wheeling out the trolleys, which hold the body bags that contain the bodies of Billy, Alison and Michael. The reporters and their cameramen run over to record, but some are pulled back by the police. The forensic team have to push passed the reporters. As the forensic team push the body bags, it is revealed that they're being watched from a far distance by the killer.

Chapter 3Edit

The scene cuts back to Austin and Sean, however this time they are sitting in Austin's room, The episode reopens to Austin and Sean watching a movie. Just then, Ashley bashes open the door and steps into the room, causing Austin and Sean to jump in fright. Ashley insists that the teenagers turn off the film and watch the news immediately. It is obvious that Ashley is frantic and disturbed by something, so the teenagers turn off the film and on the news. The jaws of the two teenagers drop as they discover the news about Billy, Alison and Michael. They are just as shocked and disturbed as Ashley was when she entered the room. Ashley is adamant about Sean leaving as it is not safe for him. She suggests that he sleeps the night, and Sean accepts her suggestion. Ashley says that she will call his parents and let them know.

The scene cuts to the forensic van, driving the body-bags to the laboratory. The drive is going smoothly until the drive is interrupted when the driver realises that there is somebody standing in the road, in front of them. The driver slams their foot down on the breaks, attempting to stop the van. This causes the van to lose control and swerves into a nearby lamp-post. It is revealed that the person in the road was the killer. The killer approaches the van, only to discover that everybody has been knocked unconscious from the crash.

The killer opens up the back doors and enters the van, a few seconds pass, and they re-emerge from inside the van, dragging something out with them, that something is a body-bag. They hear a noise from inside the van; one of the people who were inside are regaining consciousness. The killer dumps the body-bag on the floor and picks up a nearby object, which is a metal pipe. The killer sneaks over to the front of the van and climbs inside. They see the person who was making noise. The killer then sees that the person is about to fully regain consciousness, and impales them through the eye with the metal pole before they can. The killer then rushes back out of the van and picks up the body bag. They load it into a large white van and wrap the body bag in a clear sheet. They then close up their van and climb inside, and they pull off their mask, although we do not see their face. They begin driving away as the scene fades out.

The scene reopens to the next day, with Austin and his friends in school. They are all discussing the murders and the abduction of Alison's corpse. In this scene, we are introduced to Nathan Smith, the twin brother of Nicole Smith, Hayley Campbell, Alissa Miller, Ella Brown. Nicole and Sean are also there. They teenagers are all sitting around a fountain, discussing the murders and the possibility of the killer being somebody they know. Everybody reveals their alibi's, Austin was with Sean, Hayley was at a family meal, Nathan and Nicole were at home with their parents. Alissa and Ella both awkwardly stare at each other, it's obvious that they don't want to say where they were. Luckily for Ella and Alissa, the bell for first lesson rings.

As Austin lifts himself onto his feet, he spots Leanne Floyd, the friend of the newly deceased Alison Young. Austin is curious about how she is holding up over Alison's death and decides to go ask her. With Hayley, Austin approaches Leanne and begins quizzing her on how she is feeling. Leanne tells Austin to back off before she does something that she'll later regret. Hayley defends Austin, telling Leanne that he meant no harm, and how he was only concerned about her emotional state. Leanne's eyes fill with tears as she tells Austin she's sorry. She then runs away crying. Austin and Hayley both feel bad for making Leanne cry, right after losing such a close friend.

Chapter 4Edit

Later in the day, Austin and all of his friends are in the school library, with Emily Edwards, who tells the others that she is sorry for not being able to make it this morning before school, and tells the group about how her parents insisted on driving her to school because of the murders. The group of teenagers tell Emily that it's okay. Nathan is reminded that Ella and Nicole neglected to tell the group where they were last night. Ella and Alissa go pale as they feel everybody's eyes meet theirs. They insist that they were both at home alone, last night, but it is obvious that they're lying.

Both Hayley and Austin are unconvinced by Alissa and Ella's alibi. Hayley asks Alissa and Ella if they have anybody else to back up their claims, other than each other. Alissa realises that they're trying to suggest that either she or Ella is the killer. Alissa is hurt by the suggestion and gets up from her seat. She stands in front of Hayley and shouts that neither she or Ella is the killer and that she should shut her dirty mouth. Hayley stands up and slaps Alissa as a reaction to this. Alissa calls Hayley a "dumb bitch" for slapping her and slams her to the ground. The pair begins fighting. Hayley and Alissa are pulling each other's hair and punching each other repeatedly in the face.

Austin, Ella, the twins and two teachers, Mrs Gemma Haywood and Mr Calvin Williams, try to split up the fight, with Alissa accidentally punching Mrs Haywood, while Emily, Leanne, Shauna Baker, Danielle Duffy and everybody else in the room watch on. Shauna and Danielle are heard laughing and chanting Hayley. Mrs Haywood and Mr Williams manage to break up the fight, Hayley is seen being dragged out of the room, all worked up and completely filled with adrenaline, by Miss Haywood, while Alissa is being taken in a different direction by Mr Williams.

The scene cuts to Mrs Haywood and Hayley inside Mrs Haywood's office. Mrs Haywood instructs Hayley to stay inside the room, just in case she harms herself or somebody else. Hayley is still full of adrenaline so she asks Mrs Haywood to stay with her, but Mrs Haywood has to go and teach her next class, as their lesson is nearly over. Mrs Haywood suggests to  Hayley that she lock the door just in case Hayley feels like leaving to find Alissa for round two. Hayley agrees with Mrs Haywood's suggestion. Mrs Haywood asks Hayley if she can insert her number into Hayley's phone so that Hayley can call her when she has calmed down. Mrs Haywood then exits the room, locking the door behind her. She then walks down the corridor, with a suspicious smile on her face as the scene fades out.

The scene cuts to moments after Mrs Haywood had left, Hayley is sitting on the sofa trying to calm herself down. The bell for the next lesson begins ringing, and everybody starts pouring out of their classes. Hayley can hear everyone and it's making her feel more anxious. Hayley pulls out her phone and headphones and puts the headphones in here ears. She turns her favourite song on while she waits for the halls to clear.

The scene cuts to a few minutes later, the song has just finished and the halls are quiet again. Hayley is finally calm and ready to leave the room. She goes to dial Mrs Haywood's phone number when suddenly, Hayley hears the sound of a sharp metal object dragging across the door, which makes her alert and worried. She then hears a loud thumping on the door every few seconds. Hayley is worried, but curious to see what it is causing the noises, so she puts her phone down on a nearby desk and approaches the window, which is covered by the closed blinds. She pauses and asks herself if this is the best idea, but opens the blinds anyway. There is nothing there, which confuses Hayley as she could have sworn that she heard something. Suddenly, the killer appears out of nowhere on the other side of the glass window, scaring Hayley in the process. The killer looks directly at Hayley and waves their knife at her. Hayley quickly reacts by running to the desk which her phone is on and dials Mrs Haywood's number, just as the killer swings their knife at the window.

Chapter 5Edit

We cut to Mrs Haywood's class. She is teaching her class about psychology. She asks the class a question on why we, as people, dream. The class fails to answer, which makes Mrs Haywood awkwardly go silent. She looks around for somebody to answer, but is saved when she hears her phone ringing. She tells the class that she has to take the call. She approaches her desk, which her phone is laying on, and picks it up. She answers the call, only to hear Hayley screaming for help, telling her that the killer is outside trying to get in. Mrs Haywood drops her phone as she screams for somebody to call the police, she then runs out of the classroom.

Mrs Haywood takes off her heels as she runs to Hayley's rescue. She arrives at the office but the killer is nowhere in sight. She pulls out her keys as she tries to unlock the door, when Hayley begins banging on the window, signalling to Mrs Haywood that the killer is behind her. Mrs Haywood turns around, to see the killer standing behind her. The killer lifts up their knife and swings it down at Mrs Haywood, but misses as she begins running away. The killer stabs a hole in the door but pulls the knife back out instantly. The killer begins chasing Mrs Haywood through the corridors, with Mrs Haywood shouting for help. She runs into Shauna Baker, who tells to get to safety, as the killer is there. Mrs Haywood turns around to look for the killer, but they are gone. Shauna looks at Mrs Haywood as if she is crazy and walks away, laughing at her and accusing her of being paranoid.

Mrs Haywood realises that the killer must have been left when they had seen Shauna. Mrs Haywood hastily rushes back to her office to let Hayley out. When she arrives, she unlocks the door and frightens Hayley in the process. Mrs Haywood takes Hayley to her classroom and asks her to sit in the back while she calls for the police. They walk into the classroom together, with everybody staring at them. Mrs Haywood tells her class not to worry, but the killer is in the school. She asks if anybody in the class had called the police. A student puts their hand up and says that Sheriff Crane is on his way.

The scene cuts to half an hour later, Sheriff Crane, Mrs Haywood and Hayley are in an empty classroom, talking about what had just occurred. Hayley and Mrs Haywood tell Sheriff Crane about their visit from the killer. Hayley begs Sheriff Crane to catch the killer before they strike again. Sheriff Crane gives Hayley his word that he will do everything in his power to catch them. 

The scene cuts to the end of the school day with Sean and Austin waiting at school to be picked up by Ashley. Just then, Ashley pulls up and tells the two teens to get in the car, which they do. As they get into the car, they inform Ashley about the attack on Mrs Haywood and Hayley, by the killer. They also inform her that Hayley and Alissa got into a fight, minutes before the attack, and how suspicious it was. The camera zooms in on Ashley's face as she gives a suspicious look.

The scene once again cuts to late at night in the forest. Something is being dragged through the forest. It's revealed that it's a body, all bloodied and mutilated. Although we do not see their face. The episode fades out as the body is thrown into a hole in the ground, and somebody begins to bury them.

Chapter 6Edit

We pick up where the last chapter left off. Austin and Sean are being driven home by Ashley, who has a suspicious look on her face, but the two teens don't notice it. A few minutes pass and the car arrives outside Austin's house. Ashley tells the two teenagers about how badly she feels for the victim's parents, and how they must be struggling. Sean and Austin agree with her. Ashley parks the car in the garden and the trio exit. When on the outside of the car, Ashley announces that she has just remembered that she has some important business to take care of, and she runs into the house.

Once Ashley has left, Austin asks Sean if he saw the look on his mother's face when they were talking about the killer. Sean tells Austin that he did, but did not want to mention anything about it. Sean asks Austin if he thinks that Ashley could know something about the murders. Austin tells Sean that just because she had a suspicious look on her face, does not make her some sort of accomplice or witness to the murders. Sean apologises for suggesting this once he realises how angry Austin has become. Austin tells Sean that he'll see him soon and walks inside his house, clearly annoyed at what Sean suggested. Sean crosses the street and walks home.

The scene cuts to Austin walking through his front door. He walks past the front room and straight into the kitchen. As he is walking past, he hears his parents whispering about him. Austin decides to confront his parents to find out the reason why they were talking about him. Austin walks into the front room, interrupting Ashley and Harry's conversation and asks what they're talking about. Ashley and Harry tell Austin that they have to go to the supermarket, and are afraid of leaving him alone while there's a killer on the loose. Austin reassures his parents that he will be fine, and tells them that he has asked Nathan to come around, so Nathan could keep him company. Ashley tells Austin to call if he needs them and he promises to. Austin's parents then leave the house, locking the door behind them. They get into Ashley's car and drive away.

The scene then cuts to Hayley, she is on FaceTime with Alissa. The two teenagers are apologising to each other for the fight. Hayley says that she is sorry for accusing her and Ella, and then slapping her, and Alissa apologises for shouting at her and calling her a dumb bitch. The two teenagers patch up their differences and become friends again. Alissa confesses how scared she was for Hayley, once she had heard about the attack. She reveals that she and Ella were taken to Mr Williams' classroom after Hayley had been taken out of the library, and they weren't allowed to leave. Alissa also tells Hayley about how Mr Williams didn't leave their sight, except for when he went to use the toilet. Hayley asks how long he was gone for, suggesting that he could have been the one to attack her and Mrs Haywood, but Alissa assures Hayley that he was only gone for a minute, so he wouldn't have had time to get changed and attack people.

Chapter 7Edit

Just as Austin starts walking up stairs so he can get changed. Just then, his phone begins ringing. He answers the call without checking who the caller is and listens to what the caller has to say. It turns out that the caller is Hayley, who is telling Austin that she has patched things up with Alissa and about how Sheriff Crane had sworn to catch the killer before they kill again. Austin is relieved by this news, although will feel even better when the news becomes a reality. Hayley tells Austin that she feels the exact same way. They end the call.

Austin continues to walk up the staircase, and into his bedroom. Austin enters his bedroom and begins to undress himself out of his school uniform. He slides himself into some grey skinny jeans from his wardrobe and into a black and grey t-shirt. Austin admires himself in the mirror and smiles at himself. Suddenly, he hears a loud knock at the door, and as he is expecting Nathan to arrive at any minute, he assumes that it is him. He puts on a jacket and jogs down the staircase and to by the door. Austin realises that the door is locked, so he picks up the spare set of keys off the side cabinet and unlocks the door.

When he opens the door, he looks around and sees nothing and assumes that it must have been a child messing around. He walks back into the house and shuts the door behind him. He wanders into the kitchen and boils the kettle, to make himself a cup of coffee. Suddenly, he hears a second knock at the door. Austin walks back to the front door and opens it. Standing in front of him is Nathan, who is holding a parcel. Austin asks if Nathan had knocked a few minutes ago, but Nathan deny's doing so. Nathan also tells Austin that he found this parcel out on the doorstep, so he thought he'd bring it in for him. The two teenagers walk into the house and into the kitchen.

As they walk into the kitchen, Austin tells Nathan about how Sean tried to accuse his mother of knowing something connected to the murders. Nathan is shocked by this, admitting that he believes that Ashley is too kind to be involved with murder, especially murders of children. He settles the parcel on to the kitchen counter while Austin finishes making himself and Nathan a cup of coffee. Once the coffee is ready, Austin takes a look at the parcel, he looks for a name but does not find one. Nathan suggests that Austin waits until his parents are back but Austin way to curious. He decides to open it. Austin undoes the ribbon that ties the box shut and lifts up the lid. Austin and Nathan get the biggest shock of their lives when it's revealed to be a human hand inside the box. The two teenagers begin screaming. Austin pulls out his phone after seeing the hand and dials his parents, while Nathan calls the police. They both scream for help down the phone.

Chapter 8Edit

We open to Leanne Floyd, who is sitting alone at home on the sofa. It is obvious that she has been crying. Leanne is absolutely distraught and devastated over the brutal butchering of her oldest and closest friend, Alison Harris. An emotional Leanne gets up off the sofa and wanders up the stairs to the bathroom so that she can wash away any evidence of her tears before her parents come home. She wants people to see her as strong and brave, as she is tired of spending her whole life up to this point, with everybody in her life, except Ali, believing that she is too emotional and weak.

As Leanne walks up the staircase, to get to the bathroom, Leanne's phone, which is in the front room, on the sofa that she was previously sitting on, begins ringing. Leanne hesitates to answer the call as her parents could be home any minute and she wanted to clear up her tears. The ringing keeps stopping and then restarts a few seconds later, much to Leanne's annoyance. Leanne had enough, and she storms back down the staircase and in the direction of the front room, where her phone is. When Leanne arrives inside the front room, she walks over to her phone, which is still ringing. She angrily grabs her phone in temper to look at who the caller is but is confused when the caller is listed as unknown but answers it anyway.

"Hey there, who's this?" Leanne curiously asked. "Hey Leanne, missing something?" asked the person on the other line, clearly referring to the death of Alison. Leanne is scared by the caller's question. "Who is this, tell me who you are!" Leanne sobs to the caller; She clearly does not recognise her caller's voice. "What you should really be asking is, who killed your precious whore and will you be meeting the same fate as her" The caller sadistically asks.

Leanne freezes in place as she realises that it must be Alison's killer who is on the other line, she also realises that she is their next target. Leanne stands frozen in terror and drops the phone. she is incredibly shaken up and distraught. Leanne is extremely horrified as she hastily picks up her phone once she realises that she has to get to safety immediately. She ends the call and dials her mother's phone number. Just then, SMASH! Leanne ends the call out of shock and slowly begins to turn around in an emotional state, scared for what she is about to see. When Leanne's eyes finally meet the presence that lurks behind her, she lets out a huge blood-curdling scream.

In front of Leanne is Alison's blood-soaked corpse, which was abducted over twenty-four hours ago. Much to Leanne's surprise, a person wearing a nun's outfit with a gas mask applied to hide their identity bursts through the newly damaged window. Leanne begins screaming at the sight of the person who has just burst into the room, who then begins chasing her. Leanne tries to run out the front door, but it has been locked. So, she takes the option of running up the staircase and hiding. Just as Leanne reaches the top of the stairs, she looks down and sees that the killer is still dashing after her; she pushes a nearby cabinet down the stairs to delay the killer, which makes them angry. Leanne darts into her parent's bedroom, shutting the door behind her and hides in the closet.

The killer opens the door to the room that Leanne is in and enters, which scares Leanne. The killer lifts up the bed to see if that is where Leanne is hiding, but she isn't there. The killer then throws the bed over and begins smashing and throwing things around the room, clearly not seeing the closet. However, the killer does see an open window, which puts the killer under the impression that Leanne has jumped out and escaped. The killer kicks the nearby wall as the slam the door shut as they exit the room.

Once the killer has left the room, Leanne jumps out of the closet and dashes back down the staircase. She remembers that the front door was locked, so instead, Leanne runs into the garage. Upon arriving inside the garage, the killer jumps out at her and tries to stab her, but she manages to defuse the situation by knocking the knife out of the killer's hand and take it to defend herself against them. She threatens the killer with the knife as she backs out the garage. Leanne turns to run into the kitchen, so she can escape through the back door, but as soon as she turns around, she is greeted by a second killer, who is wielding an aluminium baseball bat. Leanne attempts to stab the aluminium baseball bat wielding killer but tragically misses and accidentally lets go of the knife. At this moment, the killer swings the bat, rendering Leanne unconscious.

Chapter 9Edit

The scene then cuts back to the Thomas household, the police are swarming the house, taking swabs for DNA. One of the forensic team approaches Sheriff Crane to inform him that they found a note which was hidden inside the box. The person then hands Sheriff Crane the note, and he reads it out. "My suffering is now your suffering. This is only the start". Everybody is confused by this note, especially Austin. Sheriff Crane demands to know what this note means, but everybody is adamant that the do not know what it means. Sheriff Crane sighs as he realises that they've got a full-blown psychotic killer on the loose.

The scene cuts back to Leanne, ten minutes have passed since Leanne was knocked out cold by the killer, she slowly begins to regain consciousness. Her vision is blurry. Leanne tries to pull herself up off the cold, hard ground but fails; she has been chained up, so she cannot move. Leanne begins screaming for dear life, just in case any people who are passing by, may hear and come to her rescue. This infuriates the two killers who both stand aside from her. One of them looks around to find their weapon of choice. Just then, that same killer walks over to the other side of the room and picks something up, although we do not see what it is. When Leanne's vision begins to clear up, she begins to see the two killers, with one standing above her, holding something down on her stomach. "Go to hell, you son of a bitch" Leanne cries out, clearly scared for her life. When Leanne's vision completely clears up, she begins to see what the killer is holding upon her stomach; it's an electric tiller.

Leanne begins to scream, kick and beg for the killer to spare her. The killer laughs at her as they press the on-button of the electric tiller. Leanne shrieks and howls as the electric tiller wrenches open her stomach. The killer stops the electric tiller, once it is nothing more than a bloody mess. Leanne is barely still alive but can feel everything. The two killers unite and together, they reach into Leanne's mutilated stomach, and begin tearing out her intestines, as she lets out her final shrieks of pain. The killers continue to disembowel her as she takes her last breath. Leanne Floyd is dead.

The scene cuts back to the Thomas household, where the police are packing away and are set to leave. Just then, Deputy Dennis Alman appears out of nowhere. He informs Sheriff Crane that they have received an anonymous tip-off that somebody dressed as the killer was spotted outside the Floyd residence. Sheriff Crane, with Deputy Dennis Alman, go straight to Sheriff Crane's police car, and they drive to the Floyd household, with three other police cars following them. The drive to Leanne's house takes several minutes. When Sheriff Crane and the police arrive, they notice that the door is wide open.

They all draw their guns out as they slowly walk through the door. The policemen all separate, some going in one room, with the rest going in another. Sheriff Crane enters the front room, where he finds intestines dangling from the ceiling fan. Deputy Alman enters the room to inform Sheriff Crane that they've found a body. The two of them rush into the garage, where they see Leanne's mutilated corpse, smeared all over the floor. Suddenly, they realise somebody hiding behind a bunch of shelves. Sheriff Crane points his gun in their direction as he approaches them. When he gets there, he realises that it's the killer. He points his gun at their head as he unmasks them. When he finishes unmasking them, it's revealed to be Alison; the killer dressed her up as the killer.

The scene cuts to half an hour later, with the forensic team loading Alison's and Leanne's corpses into the forensic van. The van begins driving away, but this time it is surrounded by several police cars this time, to avoid any more abductions by the killer. The scene cuts back to Sheriff Crane, who has just been informed that both of Alison's hands are missing. The scene cuts to late at night, outside Austin's house. The killer is standing outside, watching the house. They approach the front door and post something through the letterbox as the episode fades out.

Chapter 10Edit

Picking up later in the night, Austin appears to be running down a dark street while being chased by the killer, who is carrying a large kitchen knife. Austin falls to the ground as the killer gets closer. He tries to get away but it's too late, the figure is standing above him, pointing the knife down at him. Austin tries to kick the killer off him, only to be stabbed through the foot in the process. Austin screams in terror as the killer laughs at him, but stops screaming when he recognises the laugh. His attacker unmasks their self; revealing their self to be Alison, who was the first victim of the killing spree. Alison then proceeds to stab Austin to death, while telling him that it ends with him.

Austin then shoots up out of bed, revealing it to have been a dream. Austin is sweating and out of breath. He gets up and sits on the chair near his bed, and pulls a blanket over him. He watches Nathan as he slept when suddenly, Austin's phone begins to ring. The ringing causes Nathan to turn over and mumble, however, he does not awaken. Austin gets up and walks over to his phone and sees that his caller is listed as unknown. Austin answers the call, only to hear the killer asking how he liked the gift that they had left for him. Austin calls the killer a psychopath, with the killer responding by telling him that they had left him a second gift at the door, and how he had to go see what it is, promising to gut somebody who he loves if he does not.

Austin risks his own safety and quietly strolls down the stairs, much to the killer's delight. When Austin reaches the bottom step, he pulls the phone up to his ear and asks the killer where their little gift is. The killer tells Austin that it's where the last one was, at the front door. Austin approaches the front door and shouts for help when he sees what is there; Alison's second hand. Austin's shouting causes the killer to kick through the front door, and pull their knife up to Austin's throat. The killer is about to slit Austin's throat when Ashley appears from the staircase, she is holding a pistol and is attempting to shoot at the killer, but misses by inches. This shocks both Austin and the killer. Luckily, for the killer, they manage to escape before being shot. Harry and Nathan come running down the stairs after hearing the gunshots and look in shock as they see Ashley pointing the gun at the door. Austin fills Harry and Nathan in on what had just occurred as Ashley calls Sheriff Crane.

Chapter 11Edit

We open to half an hour later. Sheriff Crane has just arrived. He tells Ashley and Harry to keep their doors locked at all times, to stay inside and notify him about any more occurrences. He then puts Alison's hand in an evidence bag and sighs again. He admits how sick he has been feeling due to having to investigate the deaths of teenagers, seeing how their lives have been wasted and how they could have changed the world. Sheriff Crane looks up at Ashley and asks her where she got the gun from. She informs him that she is borrowing it from her brother, Shane Roberts. Sheriff Crane tells Ashley that normally he'd have to take it away from her but because of the circumstances, he will let it slide just as long as she uses it to protect herself and others. Sheriff Crane also tells Ashley that he'll arrange for officers to stay outside her house 24 hours a day. Sheriff Crane then leaves. Ashley decides that she'll stay awake and guard the house just in case there is another encounter with the killer. Everybody else returns to their beds.

The scene cuts to early next morning as Austin and Nathan are just waking up, they talk about crazy events of last night. Austin and Nathan get changed and head down the stairs. They walk into the front room to find Harry walking around confused. Austin asks him what's wrong and Harry confessed to his son that he cannot find Ashley. This news worries Austin but worries him, even more, when he hears a crash coming from outside the house. Just then, Ashley appears through the front door. She explains that she had heard a loud crash outside around five minutes ago and was outside investigating. She couldn't find where the noise was coming from until moments before she came back inside the house; it was a cat stuck in one of the bins. She rescued the cat and it went on its happy way.

The scene cuts to half an hour later, with Ashley and Harry. It's revealed that Austin and Nathan have left the house and have gone to school. Harry and Ashley are talking. Harry begins asking why the killer is after their family. Ashley insists that she does not know, but this does not stop Harry's questions. Harry asks if Ashley lied to him about before, but does not mention what it is that she could have lied to him about. This question angers Ashley, who talks over to Harry and begins slapping and punching him. She screams at him that he's wrong and it never happened. The camera fades as it zooms in on Harry's scared face.

Chapter 12Edit

The scene reopens to Austin sitting in class with Hayley, Sean, Nathan, Nicole, and Emily, everybody else is at home because their parents were scared for their safety. Austin can hear people behind him who are talking about him. Austin turns around to confront them but just as he begins to turn around, he feels his phone vibrate. He shoves his hand in his pocket and takes out his phone. He looks at his phone and sees a text from the unknown number which insults his family and explains that they're going to take the lives of everybody he loves. The text, on top of the comments from the people behind him, causes Austin to suffer a breakdown and run out of the classroom. His friends look among each other.

The scene cuts to Austin inside the school toilets. He is looking at himself in the mirror, talking about how he doesn't think he can cope with seeing the people who he cares about, die, while all he can do is watch. He hears a noise coming from inside one of the stalls. He turns around and sees somebody's shoes under the stall door. He asks "who's there?" but they do not reply. Austin believes that it is the killer and runs out of the toilets before they can attack. The scene fades out.

The scene reopens on Harry and Ashley having a heated argument. Ashley screams that she cannot be dealing with him today and leaves, before getting in her car and driving off in anger, leaving Harry home alone. Harry holds onto his head and walks into the kitchen. He pulls open a drawer and pulls out a box that's full of medicine. He takes out the bottle of pills, which he takes for his memory loss. After he takes the pills, he hears a knock at the door. He answers the door, only to find that there is nobody there. He slams the door shut, only to hear his phone ringing. He goes over to it and sees that it's Austin who's calling him. He answers it and hears Austin crying. The crying then stops and turns to breathing. Harry is confused and asks Austin what's happening. He then looks at his phone as realises that the call had ended. He continues to hear the breathing, which causes him to turn around. Standing behind him is the killer, wielding an aluminium baseball bat. The killer then swings their bat at Harry, knocking him unconscious. The killer then drags him out of the back door.

The scene cuts back to Austin running out of the toilet. While running, he accidentally bumps into Oliver Anderson, his former best friend. They drifted apart after Austin had become popular. Austin apologises for running into him and begins walking away. Oliver tells Austin that he doesn't have to act like this in front of him, and he can tell when something's wrong. Although they are no longer friends, Oliver still cares for Austin. They sit down together on a bench and begin talking. Oliver asks Austin for his views on the killings. Austin gets annoyed by this question as he's sick of hearing about the murders, as he just want's it all to go away.

Oliver apologises but tells Austin that he has an idea of who it could be. Oliver admits that he loves himself a good horror film, but what he has seen from a certain person from their school has just been plain creepy. Oliver then reveals to Austin that he has been witnessing Caleb Price, drawing photos of Austin being slaughtered in all kinds of ways, which makes Austin concerned, and convinced that Caleb must have at least some part in the killings. They arrange to meet straight after school as the scene fades out.

Chapter 13Edit

The scene reopens with Harry, just regaining consciousness after being knocked out. He looks around and his vision is blurry. He tries to pick himself up but had been bound to a chair. Just then, his vision manages to pick up a figure approaching him; this figure is the killer, who walks over to a toolbox. The killer rummages through the toolbox and pulls out a power-drill. Harry shrieks for the killer not to harm him, but this does not stop them.

The killer turns on the power-drill as they get closer to Harry. Harry begs for the killer to tell him why they're doing this to him. The killer turns off the power-drill and puts it down on the floor. They then pull off their mask, revealing their self to Harry, but we do not see who it is. Harry is confused and asks who they are. The killer puts their mask back on and then pulls a piece of paper out of their pocket, which is revealed to be a photo, although we do not see what's on it. We hear Harry cry out that he was lied to.

The killer smacks Harry and picks up the power-drill, turning it on in the process. They pull it up to Harry and places it on his shoulder, tearing into it. Harry wails and yells as the power-drill digs into him. The killer laughs as they pull the power-drill out and repeats the same process in the other shoulder. Harry lets out a bloodcurdling scream, which causes the killer to pull the power-drill back out. They throw the drill onto the floor and picks up the aluminium baseball bat. They swing the bat at Harry, knocking him unconscious again. The scene fades out.

The scene reopens to Austin and Oliver, sitting in a cafe with a cup of tea. They talk about how everybody skived school for the last two periods and how they should have joined them. Their conversation is interrupted when Austin's phone begins ringing. Austin sighs when he sees that it's the killer. Austin answers the call and asks them what they want. The killer tells Austin that they have another gift for him, and to answer FaceTime. Austin makes eye contact with Oliver as he answers the FaceTime call. On the video call, Austin sees the killer waving their knife at him in a cracked mirror. They then throw their knife away and pull out a circular power saw. They then approach Harry, who has a bag covering his face. The killer tells Austin to guess who it is. Austin is too terrified to answer. The killer pulls the bag off Harry's head, revealing Harry's identity to Austin. Austin pleads with the killer not to hurt him. At the sound of this, the killer turns on their circular power saw and points it at Harry. The call then drops.

The scene cuts to a few moments after the call. Oliver is using Austin's phone to contact the police while Austin silently cries. He looks up and people staring and judging him. Just then, everybody in the room's phone buzzes. They all gasp in shock. Austin already knows what it is. Oliver pulls Austin's phone from by his ear and shrieks when he sees what is on the screen; a GIF of Harry being dismembered. Austin runs out of the cafe and runs home, crying. Oliver watches on in disbelief, clearly affected by what he had just seen.

The scene switches between various other people, including Ashley and Sheriff Crane, also receiving the GIF. The killer had sent it to the whole of Waldenwood. The scene switches back to Ashley after she has just seen the GIF. She is in a pub. She picks up her pint of beer and throws it at a wall and begins screaming and crying. We see people trying to comfort her. The scene switches back to Sheriff Crane, who has just noticed where the GIF is set, as he has been there recently; it's the abandoned school that Alison, Billy and Michael were killed in. Sheriff Crane jumps up from his chair and walks out of his office. He assigns Deputy Alman to come with him, to see if he is right about the location. He tells his other deputies to be on alert just in-case that it is where Harry was murdered. The scene fades out.

The scene reopens to Sheriff Crane and Deputy Alman walking into the school. They find arrows that have been sprayed on the walls with red paint. The arrows point them down a staircase and to Harry's mutilated corpse. When Sheriff Crane and Deputy Alman see Harry's corpse, Sheriff Crane pulls out his walkie-talkie and calls for backup, while Deputy Alman becomes physically sick over what he has seen. He stumbles back up the staircase and away from Sheriff Crane. He vomits all over the floor. He lifts his head and sees that the killer standing in front of him, while holding two machetes. He screams for help, which Sheriff Crane hears. The killer impales Deputy Alman through the stomach with both machetes. The killer pulls only one machete back out and decapitates Deputy Alman with it.

Just then, Sheriff Crane bursts up the staircase, only to find Deputy Alman's body on the floor, but the killer is gone. Sheriff Crane pulls out his walkie-talkie and demands for the backup he requested to act faster, as an officer is down. Just then, the killer jumps out and wrestles with Sheriff Crane. The killer holds him in a headlock-lock position, which renders him unconscious. The episode ends with the killer dragging Sheriff Crane off.

Chapter 14Edit

The episode starts where the previous picked up. We see the backup that Sheriff Crane requested, arriving in the abandoned school grounds. They find Deputy Alman's headless body, but not Sheriff Crane, who is now missing.

The scene cuts to inside an unmarked location, but it's obviously a barn. The barn is candle lit. Just then, the killer walks in, holding a blow-torch. The killer walks into the middle of the barn and places their blow-torch on the floor. They jerk open a curtain, revealing Sheriff Crane to be hanging upside down. Sheriff Crane is awake but is gagged, so he cannot talk. The killer looks at him and asks if he wants to die. The killer takes off Sheriff Crane's gag, so he can talk. Sheriff Crane insists that he doesn't, which makes the killer happy.

The killer happily tells Sheriff Crane, that in order for him to survive, they're going to play a little game, where if he wins, then he survives, but if he loses, then he also loses his life. Sheriff Crane is adamant about playing, so the killer picks up their blow torch and tells Sheriff Crane to suit himself. Upon seeing the blow-torch, Sheriff Crane changes his mind and tells the killer that he'll play, the killer responds by telling Sheriff Crane that they're happy that he saw things their way.

The killer explains the game to Sheriff Crane. The killer will be asking a 'certain somebody', who is not Sheriff Crane, three horror related questions. If they get two right, then he survives, but if they one right, then he dies. If they get none right, then they die as well. Sheriff Crane begs for the killer to tell him who the 'certain somebody' is, but the killer insists that it'd ruin the surprise. The killer then exits through the barn door, leaving Sheriff Crane alone.

The scene switches over to Austin, who has just got home after running out of the cafe from the last episode. He walks in to find Ashley, who is also mourning over Harry's death. The mother and son hug, as they cry together. Austin tells his mother that Harry is avenged. Ashley pleads with Austin not to do anything stupid, like going after the killer, stating that he could end up like Harry.

Just then, there is a knock at the door. It's Oliver, he's bringing Austin his phone after leaving it with him. Austin thanks Oliver for returning his phone, and Oliver says that he's sorry for Austin's loss. Austin asks if he'd like to hang out, but Oliver says he has to go home for dinner, but he'll be back tonight. He asks if he's still staying the night, Austin says yes. Oliver then leaves. Once Oliver has left, Austin goes on his phone, as he is walking upstairs and messages the group chat that he is with his group of friends, excluding Oliver. He asks them if they can all meet him in half an hour, they all say yes.

Chapter 15Edit

The open to Sheriff Crane, who is still hanging upside down. Suddenly, the killer re-enters the room, but this time, with somebody else, who's identity is hidden by a plastic bag. Their hands are also tied together. Sheriff Crane pleads for the killer to tell him who it is. The killer pulls off the plastic bag, revealing their identity to Sheriff Crane. It's revealed to be Sheriff Crane's daughter, Ava Crane, who recently came to live with him after her mother and stepfather died in a house fire. Despite not seeing his daughter since she was born, he loves her with all his heart.

Sheriff Crane begs for the killer to let his daughter go, and just kill him instead. The killer refuses to do so, as Sheriff Crane had already decided that he wanted to play, and cannot go back on his word. Sheriff Crane shouts for the killer to stop, as the killer pulls out a chair, that he forces Ava to sit on. The killer binds Ava to a chair, as Ava kicks and screams. The killer ties Ava's legs to the chair. The killer tells Sheriff Crane about how they love making people feel powerless, which makes Sheriff Crane respond by calling them a sociopath. The killer threatens to slice Ava's throat and force him to watch unless he shuts his mouth. Ava continues on screaming, so the killer smacks her across the face and tells her to shut up.

The killer then begins to quiz Ava on her knowledge of horror. For the three questions that the killer asks, Ava gets them right, as she is quite the horror geek. The killer congratulates Ava for getting them right and reveals that they're having a bonus round as she did so well. The killer asks Ava who the killer was in 'Friday the 13th', which Ava answers with 'Jason Voorhees'. The killer pauses and then tells her that it's the wrong answer, revealing that Pamela Voorhees was the original killer and that Jason didn't show up until the sequel. Ava realises that the killer tricked her. Ava screams to her father that she's sorry. He tells her that it's not her fault.

The killer walks over to Sheriff Crane and picks up their blow torch. They turn it on and pull it to Sheriff Crane's face, burning half of it. The killer also burns a part of Sheriff Crane's shirt. They leave him burning for a maximum of ten seconds, before picking up a giant bucket of water and throwing it on him; putting out the fire. The killer then walks back over to Ava and unties only one of her binds. The killer then vanishes out of the barn before Ava unties herself. Ava walks over to her weeping father and tells him how sorry she is.

Chapter 16Edit

Austin and his friends are meeting up. They all ask how he's dealing with his father's death. Austin admits that he's feeling absolutely distraught, but has to stay strong for Ashley and find the killer before they take somebody else whom he loves. Just then, their conversation is interrupted by Hunter Ramsey, the reporter from Episode One. Hunter begs Austin to let him interview him about Harry's death for his Podcast, 'The Autopsy'. Emily then insults Hunter, telling him that he can clearly see they want to be left alone. Hunter's phone then vibrates, which leads him to reveal that the news about Sheriff Crane being attacked. He then leaves. The news has shocked the teenagers. Nicole suggests that she, Hayley and Austin go visit him in the hospital, to find out if he managed to find out anything about the killer. Nicole asks if anybody else would like to come, but they all turn her down.

The scene then cuts to the others, who decided against visiting Sheriff Crane. They've all decided to walk each other home. The scene transitions to when it's only Emily and Nathan. Nathan asks Emily if she'd be okay with walking home alone, or if she want's him to walk her home. She insists that she'll be safe as she knows how to fight. Nathan asks if she is sure, and she insists that she is. Nathan says goodbye and leaves. He walks across the road to his house. 

Once everybody has left and it's just Emily. She soon regrets not taking Nathan up on his offer to walk her home. She pulls out her phone and calls Nathan. When he answers, the line is distorted and she cannot hear a thing. She ends the call, and almost instantly receives a call back from Nathan. She answers the call, only to find out that the voice is not Nathan. She demands to know who they are, and what they've done with Nathan. The caller tells Emily that they're the one who is watching her and that they've done nothing to Nathan, yet.

Emily ends the call and begins running down the street when she hears that she's being watched. She manages to run at least ten metres but is jumped by the killer, who she kicks in the face. Emily continues running, while the killer chases her. She is still holding her phone, so she throws it at them, which angers them. The killer then gains just enough speed to catch up to Emily. The killer tackles her to the ground. The pair begin fighting. The killer wraps their hands around Emily's throat as she repeated punches them. Emily manages to kick the killer off of her, just as they pull out their knife.

Emily begins running once again, with the killer chasing her again. Emily manages to outrun the killer and hide, but they find her. When she realises that the killer has found her. She begs the killer to spare her, and how she'll help with the killings if they spare her. The killer drops down their hand that they were holding the knife in. 

Just then, Emily starts running again, but the killer catches her bluff just in time. They slice through Emily's throat. Emily grabs her throat as she falls to the floor. The killer is clearly annoyed that she tried to cheat them. They realise that Emily is not dead yet, as she is trying to crawl away. The killer stamps on the back of Emily's head, completely breaking her nose in the process. They then slam their knife into Emily's back. Still not happy with their work, the killer then twists the knife. The killer then pulls out their knife and wipes the blood off their knife. They turn Emily over to admire their work as the scene fades out.

Chapter 17Edit

As Austin, Hayley and Nicole arrive at the hospital, they're greeted by Ava Crane. She insists that they leave, as her father isn't accepting visitors. Nicole asks what the killer did to Sheriff Crane and Ava tells them about what happened. The three teenagers sympathise with Ava for what she went through. They tell Ava that they'll leave and she walks away over to the Hospital cafe. The three teenagers then sneak into Sheriff Crane's hospital room. Sheriff Crane's burns are revealed to have burned half of his face, and some of his chest. They realise that he's asleep. They leave the room, only to find Hunter Ramsey standing outside. He begs them for them talk to him about the attack and the murders.

They refuse to talk about either event, but just as they're about to leave the hospital, they see on the TV, a report about another murder. Although the TV does not state who the victim was. Hunter then runs over and asks if they'll talk to him now. They tell him to back off, which he does. They three teenagers then walk out of the door. Hunter watches them leave. He has a suspicious look on his face.

The scene cuts to later in the day, Oliver and Austin are at Austin's house. They're sitting in Austin's bedroom as they discuss their childhood and how close they were. Austin confesses to Oliver that he wants to be like that again, Oliver admits that he feels the same way. Oliver asks Austin what he's doing for Halloween. The camera zooms in on the window, revealing that Caleb Prince is outside, watching them from a tree. Flash to black.

Chapter 18Edit

The picks up the next morning, which is the day before Halloween. Ashley, Oliver and Austin are all having breakfast. Ashley seems to be much happier than in the previous episode and they all seem generally happy. The camera zooms in on the window, the killer is watching them, just like Caleb was in the last episode.

The scene then cuts to Sheriff Crane laying in his hospital bed, Ava is sat beside him. Sheriff Crane is crying as he's just been informed by the doctors that his burns will take a very long time to heal, but he will, however, be able to leave the hospital now. Ava leaves to go get some coffee from the hospital cafe. Once she leaves, Sheriff Crane receives a call from the killer, asking if he enjoyed the game he played. Sheriff Crane tells the killer that he will find them, and then kick their ass. The killer laughs at him and dares him to try.

The scene cuts to the police station, where one of Sheriff Crane's deputies, Sharon Young has been placed as temporary sheriff. She'll be standing in for Sheriff Crane while he's off. She reveals that she will personally be watching over the Thomas household. She reveals that she'll be staying outside the house in her police car every night until the killer has been caught. She assigns Deputy Julie Shay to assist her. Sheriff Young assigns Deputy Martinez to watch over the station and inform her of any occurrences. The scene fades out as Sheriff Young and Deputy Julie enter the police car.

The scene reopens to Austin, he is introducing Oliver to Hayley, Sean, Nathan and Nicole. They all seem to get along with each other. We switch to somebody dressed all in black, although we do not see who. They pull out the killer's costume and they pull out a butcher's knife. They then pull out a gigantic teddy bear, which has a photo of Austin's attached to it. The person then rapidly and repeatedly stabs the bear. They then stand up and throw the knife onto their bed, they then walk out of the room and set off to find Austin.

Austin is still with Oliver, Hayley, Sean and the twins. They've all decided that they're gonna go back to Austin's as it's getting late. They don't realise that the killer is standing right behind them, and is following them. On the way to Austin's everybody stops off at their houses, to inform their parents that they're staying at Austin's overnight, and to collect their things. When Austin is alone, he receives a phone call from the killer. The killer tells Austin that they're going to gut him. Austin shouts at them to bring it. Suddenly, the person appears behind Austin. He hears them approaching. When the killer gets right up close to punch him, Austin turns around as fast as possible and punches them right in the abdomen. The killer lets out a huge grunt, however, Austin doesn't recognise the voice. The killer goes to strangle Austin, but he manages to kick them off him

The twins appear out of nowhere, they see the killer and Austin. Nicole grabs her phone and dials the police. Austin sees Nathan running towards him. The killer and Austin begin fighting, which results in the killer wrapping their arms around Austin's neck, rendering him unconscious. Nathan then wraps his arms around the killer's neck and chokes them until they also loose consciousness. Just as Nathan begins to lift the killers mask, Hayley and Sean appear from their houses. They see Austin and the killer lying on the floor and both come running over. All of them, the twins, Sean and Hayley, all pull off the mask together. The face of the killer is a familiar one. It's revealed that Oliver's suspect was the killer; the killer is Caleb Prince.

Chapter 19Edit

When the police and ambulance arrive, they take Austin away in the ambulance, and Caleb away in the police car. Sheriff Young and Deputy Shay arrive on the scene. They praise the teenagers for catching the killer and saving Austin's life. The teenagers thank the deputies.

Hayley calls Oliver to tell him about what just occurred. When Oliver hears the news, he is heartbroken. His parents drive him straight to the hospital. When Oliver arrives, he meets with the twins, Hayley and Sean. He asks who the killer was, and they tell him that it Caleb. Oliver asks if he revealed a motive for targeting Austin's family. The twins admit that Nathan had strangled him until he lost consciousness before he could have revealed the motive.

The scene cuts to an interview room in the Waldenwood police station. The temporary sheriff, Sharon Young is sitting across the table from Caleb, who is dazed and confused as he has just regained consciousness. Sheriff Young asks if that was his first time trying to harm another human being. Caleb swears down that he is not the killer, and swears that this is his first time. He reveals that he didn't want to kill Austin, only hurt, that's why he didn't use a weapon. Sheriff Young demands to know Caleb's reasons to want to hurt Austin.

We cut to a flashback, where we see a younger Austin and Caleb playing out together in a field. They're both around 9 or 10 at this point. The two of them are playing with Caleb's pet dog, Sage. The two of them are enjoying their selves, that is until Austin lets Sage of her lead. The dog runs straight into the road and is hit by several cars, which all fail to stop. The flashback then cuts to Caleb telling his parents about the dog being hit by a car and killed, which his dad doesn't take very well. Caleb tells his parents that it was Austin who caused it. Austin lies to Caleb's parents, telling them that Caleb caused it. When Austin had gone home, Caleb's dad beats Caleb up. The flashback ends. Caleb is crying as he reveals that his father continued to beat him up on various occasions. Sheriff Young reveals that she's going to have to bring in Caleb's father in for questioning due to the child abuse allegations.

The scene cuts to Austin. He is the hospital and is being informed that he suffered no major injury and is free to leave. The scene fades out.

Chapter 20Edit

The scene opens too early next morning. It's Halloween morning. Austin is laying awake as somebody enters his room. They tell Austin that they're sorry for not being there to help him; it's Oliver. Oliver tells Austin how sorry he is for not being there to help him, while everybody else was. However, Austin tells Oliver that it isn't his fault. Oliver is about to tell Austin something when his phone begins to ring. The caller is Unknown, Austin takes the phone from Oliver and answers the call.

When the person on the other end begins speaking, Austin recognises the voice; it's Alissa. Austin quizzes her on why she has her number on No Caller ID, Alissa admits to Austin that she is using her mother's phone as her phone has no calls left. She also tells them that her mother doesn't want people knowing her number, that's why it's on unknown. Austin gives the phone back to Oliver, who puts the phone on loudspeaker. Alissa asks Oliver and Austin if they've heard the news, Caleb's dad was arrested for child abuse. She tells them that she hears her parents pulling up in the driveway, and she has to go. When the call ends, Austin asks Oliver what he was about to tell him before Alissa called, but Oliver changes the subject. The scene ends.

The scene reopens during later in the day, around 2 pm. We see Hayley who is home alone and is blasting music from her phone. She is making a cup of coffee when her music shuts off and her phone starts ringing. She walks over and answers it. Hayley gets the biggest shock of her life when she hears Alissa screaming for help on a loop. Hayley screams for Alissa to tell her what's wrong, but Alissa doesn't reply. In fact, Alissa goes completely silent. Then the killer begins talking and tells Hayley that they're now playing a game of hiding and seek, and if she doesn't find collect the others and find out where Alissa is hiding, Alissa will be the next victim. The killer tells Hayley that the clock is ticking. The call ends and the scene cuts.

The scene reopens with Austin, and his friends meeting together. They all reveal that they all had received the call. They also all realise that Caleb cannot be the killer as he was kept in the police cells overnight. They all reveal the exact words that the killer said to them on the call, however, Oliver reveals that the killer mentioned something about an abandoned building. Hayley mentions that the killer seems to have been using the abandoned school as some sort of lair. The group all exchange looks with each other. They all agree that the abandoned school is the best place to look first.

Chapter 21Edit

The scene cuts to the group arriving outside the abandoned school. They all decide to split up into groups. Austin and Sean are together, Oliver is with Ella and Hayley, and Nicole is with Nathan. They all walk inside and split into different rooms. Austin and Sean are investigating the basement and then the grounds around the school, Oliver, Ella and Hayley are investigating the top floor, and Nicole and Nathan are investigating the ground floor. The scene switches between everyone.

As Austin and Sean walk down the stairs into the basement, Sean recognises the room, as the room from the GIF that the killer sent to them murdering Harry. Sean tells Austin this, which causes Austin to fall silent. He begins hallucinating the killer slaughtering his father.

Just then, Sean receives a call from the killer, which causes Austin to snap out of the hallucination. Sean answers the call and the killer reveals that they're looking in all the wrong places as Alissa isn't even in the abandoned school. The killer tells Sean that they'll send them a hint of where to look. The killer also confesses that Alissa only has around two hours left, before she turns completely 'stone cold'. The call ends and almost immediately a photo is sent. The photo is of an Ice Cream Parlour. Sean and Austin call the group on their phones to inform them that they're looking in the wrong place, and to meet outside.

When everybody is there, Sean shows them all the photo. Nathan and Nicole identify the Ice Cream Parlour as the 'Crazy Cow Ice Cream' parlour that their parents use to take them too before it was closed down after going out of business. They then confess that it's located just out of town, and they have no way of getting there in time.

Oliver suggests that Austin calls Ashley and asks her to take them, Nicole and Hayley agree with him. Austin calls him mother and explains the situation to her. Ashley tells her son that she'll drive them to the Ice Cream Parlour. Austin asks Ashley to pick them up from the abandoned school.

Chapter 22Edit

The scene reopens half an hour later, everybody is crammed inside Ashley's car, which only has 7 seats. They're close to arriving at the Ice Cream Parlour. They're all talking amongst themselves about why the killer would take them there. Ashley reveals that it is where she proposed to Harry. The group sums up that the killer must be trying to ruin the good memories that Ashley has with Harry.

The scene cuts to the group and Ashley arriving at the Ice Cream Parlour, with just over an hour and a half to go. The group decided to split up into two sections again as they'll cover more ground. Austin is with Ashley, Oliver and Hayley. Whereas, Sean is with Nathan, Ella and Nicole. Before they set off in their groups, Ella reminds everyone that the killer told them that Alissa only has two hours until she freezes to death, meaning that she must be locked in a freezer or something. As the two groups are walking into the building, Ashley announces that she's going to call the police for backup, just in case the worst happens. Ashley tells the others to go on without her, and she'll catch up to them.

The scene switches through both groups inside the parlour, trying to locate the freezer that Alissa is in. Nicole mentions how this place used to have shops inside, as well as play area. It dawns on everyone how big the place is. The scene switches back to Ashley who is outside. She is about to call the police when she hears a noise coming from behind her. She jerks herself around and sees the killer standing in front of her. The killer attempts to stab her, but she kicks them and runs away. Ashley accidentally drops her phone without realising. The killer then chases her. They manage to slash her arm. Ashley runs into the building, only to run into Austin, Oliver and Hayley. She confesses that the killer is here and had attacked her before she could contact the police.

The scene cuts to Sean and Nicole, it's revealed that they had decided to part with Hayley and Ella as they'd cover more ground. Just then, the killer comes running at them, slashing Sean across the chest when he pushes Nicole out of the way. Sean shouts for Nicole to save herself. Nicole is chased by the killer. Nicole runs into the old toilets. She hides inside a toilet stall. She has no idea where the killer is, and they don't know where she is.

The scene cuts to Hayley, who is bleeding. Via flashback, it's revealed that the killer had run past her, pushing her into a wall in the process. Hayley then fell to the floor, injuring herself in the process. Hayley then told Ella to run and find the others. The killer came back over to her so they could stab her but was scared off when they heard somebody coming. She reveals that Ella is yet to return.

Chapter 23Edit

With just over half an hour to go, Hayley notices a bookshelf which seems out of place. They push it out of the way and discover a door behind it, but it's locked. They look through the little window and spot Alissa curled up in a ball in the corner of the freezer, using a blanket to try and keep warm. Just then, Ella and Nicole carry Sean into the room. Sean is bleeding from the stab wound. Austin and Ashley go over to Sean so they can try and help him. Ashley takes off her jacket and places it over Sean's slash wound. Austin takes out his phone and calls the police.

Hayley realises that they're meant to smash the window as the other side of the door can open it. Oliver is confused as to why Alissa hasn't gotten up yet to open it. Hayley takes off her coat and wraps it around her arm before she punches through the window. She unlocks it from the inside and they all see that Alissa still isn't moving. They go over to her, only to realise that she has frozen to death. They wouldn't have been able to save her as she was in there way before the killer had called.

We cut to a flashback. We're in Alissa's point of view. She is on call to Austin and Oliver. She tells them that she has just heard her parent's pulling up in the driveway. She hangs up the call and travels downstairs to return her mother's phone to her, only to be knocked unconscious by the killer. We see the killer looking over at a clock, which reveals that the time is 9 am. Alissa wakes up inside the freezer with a blanket next to her. She then wraps herself in the blanket as the flashback ends. The police come bursting in. They see Sean on the floor and then Alissa's frozen corpse.

The scene cuts to around 5 pm. The forensic team have just loaded Alissa's corpse into the forensic van and are driving away. We see that Ashley and Sean are both sitting in separate ambulances and are being driven to the hospital. We cut back to Austin and his friends, minus Sean and Alissa. Hunter Ramsey comes running up to Austin and begs for Austin to let him interview him. Austin loses it and repeatedly punches Hunter in the face. Temporary sheriff, Sharon Young, and Deputy Julie Shay come running over. They have to physically pull Austin from Hunter. They feel as if they have no choice but to arrest Austin for assault. The episode fades out as Austin is being driven away in a police car.

Chapter 24Edit

We fade in as Austin is sitting inside a prison cell. It's obvious that he has been inside there for a while. Just then, the door makes an unlocking noise, Austin looks up; hopeful. But all hope is shattered when he sees Sheriff Young, who is telling him that she has a few questions to ask. She leads Austin out of his cell and into an interview room. The two sit at a table opposite each other. Sheriff Young presses the 'record' button on a tape player and then asks Austin to explain where he was on the night of the first three murders. Austin explains that he was on FaceTime with Nicole Smith before Sean Hayes came around to spend the night. The temporary sheriff tells Austin that she will have one of her colleagues sent to go interview Nicole and Sean, so they can confirm his alibi, but in the meantime, she would like to ask a few more questions first.

The scene cuts to Ashley, who is being wheeled into the hospital while sitting in a wheelchair. She looks up and sees Sean laying on a hospital bed. He's been stitched up and is being moved to his own personal room. Ashley gets up from the wheelchair and approaches Sean. She asks him how he's feeling, and if there's anything that she could do. Sean confesses that there is nothing that she can do as the killer has scarred him for life, and he'll remain a victim of the killer's sick game. Ashley looks at Sean and tells him to be the fighter that she knows he is. They both smile at each other and Sean thanks him. Sean reminds Ashley that she needs to get her arm stitched. Ashley smiles and tells Sean that he's right. The doctor begins pushing Sean's hospital bed as Ashley turns around. She walks down a corridor to find a doctor who can stitch up her arm but is interrupted when she hears the news channel. On the TV, Hunter Ramsey is bruised and bloodied. He is talking about the attack, which he calls violent and brutal. Ashley is convinced that Hunter must be a survivor of the killer's attack. Ashley talks about how brave he is for being able to speak up about the attack. Ashley is outraged when Hunter names Austin as his attacker.

The scene then switches back to Austin and Sheriff Young, both still sitting inside the interrogation room. Sheriff Young looks Austin in the eye and confesses to him that she believes he is guilty, as he showed the same violence and aggression that the killer uses when murdering their victims. Sheriff Young demands to know if Austin staged his attacks by hiring somebody to help him. Once Austin hears this confession, he looks bewildered. Sheriff Young starts talking about Caleb Prince and his arrest. Young confesses that it's legally against the law for her to discuss a private case, but she's going to anyway. Sheriff Young tells Austin about how he caused Caleb years of physical, emotional and psychological abuse from his father. She also admits that Caleb has been let out on bail, and she sees him being let off with a fine to pay. Austin looks broken when hears that he caused it. Sheriff Young tells Austin that she has some information that Hunter had asked for her to tell him.

The scene cuts to a flashback-within-a-flashback. We see Hunter's parents standing together, they're a journalist-duo. The scene then switches to after they had just been in a car crash. They both on their deathbeds and next to them is a younger Hunter. He is crying. Hunter's father asks Hunter to promise that he'll one day make journalism a family tradition. His parents then die.

We then cut out of the flashback-within-a-flashback, to Hunter sitting across from Sheriff Young, revealing that he cannot fulfil his promise as he cannot have children, due to a low sperm count. He also reveals that he is not sexually attracted to women. The flashback then ends.

Just then, Ashley opens the door and enters the interrogation room. Ashley looks at Sheriff Young and demands to know if she has enough evidence to charge Austin with anything. Sheriff Young reveals that Hunter decided against filing a report against Austin as he doesn't believe that Austin being arrested is the way for him to learn that it's wrong to viciously attack people. She reveals that Austin is free to go. Austin then stands up and walks over to Ashley and the begin to leave the room, but Austin stops and turns around to look at Sheriff Young. He tells her to promise that he'll catch the sadistic bastard that is targeting him and his friends. Sheriff Young gives Austin her word.

Chapter 25Edit

The scene cuts to Ashley pulling the car up into the driveway. Ashley parks the car. Austin begins to exit the car when Ashley shouts at him to stop. Ashley pauses, which confuses Austin. He asks her what's wrong. Ashley admits to her son that she caused all of this. She is about to tell him how but is interrupted by a knock at the window. Austin turns around to see Oliver standing then. Ashley tells Austin that they'll finish this conversation later. Both Austin and Ashley exit the car, with Ashley walking to the house and Austin staying to talk with Oliver.

The camera follows Ashley as she enters the house. She walks into the front room and sits on the couch. Just then, a loud smashing noise comes from upstairs. Ashley grabs a nearby vase, before throwing the flowers out of it. She slowly wanders up the stairs to find where the smashing had come from. Firstly, Ashley enters Austin's bedroom but finds nothing. She then walks over to her own bedroom and finds smashed glass covering her carpet. She walks over to it and realises that it came from the family photo that had previously hung from the wall. She picks up the photo, cutting her hand on the glass but doesn't seem to be affected by it. Ashley begins crying while she hugs the family photo.

The scene cuts to outside the house where Austin and Oliver are talking. Oliver tells Austin that they've both been invited to a party at Shauna Baker's house, and asks if he'd like to go. Austin is hesitant but changes his mind. Austin tells Oliver that if he's going, he has to go change out of his outfit into something nice. The two teenagers walk into Austin's house. They walk up the stairs and into Austin's bedroom. Austin goes over to his wardrobe and rummages through it. He pulls out an outfit and leaves the room to go to the bathroom. On his way, Austin hears his mother crying. Austin walks into Ashley's room and sees her hugging the family photo. She looks at Austin and confesses how much she misses Harry. The mother and son begin hugging. Austin is then reminded that he has to get changed. He leaves the room and enters the bathroom.

The scene then switches to moments later. Austin is now wearing his new outfit and is walking down the stairs with Oliver. They both walk into the kitchen and Austin opens a cupboard. He pulls out a beer each for him and Oliver. They exit the kitchen and Austin shouts up to Ashley that they're going out now and will most probably not be back until midnight. Ashley shouts to Austin to call her once he and Oliver are on their way home. The two teenagers shout their goodbyes to Ashley and leave the house.

The duo wanders down the street with their beers in their hands. Just then, a car drives past, before stopping. The driver opens their window and shouts over to Austin and Oliver, asking if they're headed to Shauna's party and if they want a ride. The driver is revealed to be Dawson Riley, who is the boyfriend of Danielle Duffy. Oliver and Austin confirm that they're on their way to the party and then accept Dawson's offer to drive them. The drive to Shauna's house is silent and awkward. The scene switches to when they arrive at the party.

Chapter 26Edit

Austin, Oliver and Dawson enter the house. Dawson tells the others that he'll see them later, before walking over to Danielle. Danielle and Dawson begin kissing. Austin and Oliver walk around, trying to find their friends. They find their friends and approach them. Just then, Shauna, Dawson and Danielle begin handing out shots to everybody but asks them not to drink until they've counted down. Once everybody has a drink in hand, everybody begins counting down from 5. When they reach 1, everybody downs their drinks.

The scene fades into later during the night. Hayley and Austin are talking and drinking together. Hayley admits that she's shocked to see him here, due to the fact that it's Shauna's party, and mentions their hatred of each other. Austin confesses that he didn't want to, but came as Oliver wanted him to.

The scene switches to Oliver and the twins, Nathan and Nicole. They all have a drink in their hands. Oliver mentions about how hesitant Austin was about coming to the party and asks if either of them know why. Nicole is shocked by this question and says that she thought everybody knew. Nicole reveals to Oliver that Austin was in a serious, but secret, relationship with Billy Gould. They kept it a secret and only told people they trusted. However, they were on a date one day, out of Waldenwood. They began kissing and somehow Shauna managed to get a photo of it. She then spread the photo around the school, which caused Austin and Billy to break up as Billy couldn't risk his parents finding out. He then began dating Alison to make people believe that the kiss with Austin was just an experiment.

Chapter 27Edit

Oliver is heartbroken by what he has just heard, admitting that he now feels bad about asking Austin to come to the party with him. The twins tell Oliver that he didn't know, so it's not his fault. Oliver mentions that he thought Austin was into girls, as he previously dated Emily. Nathan tells Oliver that Austin came out as bisexual.

The scene switches over to Danielle and Dawson kissing. Shauna walks over to them and sits with them. She commands them to stop munching on each other's tonsils in her house. The stop kissing. Shauna tells Danielle and Dawson that she's seen Austin at her party, and asks if either of them invited him. Both shake their heads as they tell her that they didn't, but Dawson confesses that he drove Austin there as he saw him walking to the party with Oliver, he mentions that he assumed that Shauna or Danielle had invited him. Shauna is confused as to why Austin would just show up to her party, uninvited. She stands up and marches her way over to Austin, Dawson and Danielle follow her.

The three teenagers arrive in front of Austin and Hayley. Shauna demands to know why Austin is there as he wasn't invited. Shauna tells Austin that 'fags' are not allowed in her party. Hayley slaps her and tells her to shut her mouth. Oliver comes running over and tells Shauna that he received a text from her, earlier in the night, invited both him and Austin. Shauna snatches Oliver's phone from him and reads the text. She accuses Oliver of editing it somehow. Shauna throws Oliver's phone to the floor and pulls out her own phone. She swings her phone around, for people to see that she did not send that text. Shauna and Austin get into a head argument before Shauna screams for somebody to get the 'fag' out of her house.

As some footballers are throwing Austin, Oliver and Hayley out of the door, Shauna begins breathing heavily. She screams that somebody better get her a drink before she rages. Just then, Shauna collapses to the floor and turns pale. She begins bleeding from the mouth, nose and eyes. She screams for help as everybody watches in shock and terror. Nobody does a thing but watch. Shauna starts shouting as she begins foaming at the mouth. Nathan and Nicole pull out their phone and call for an ambulance and the police. Shauna falls silent as she takes her last breath. Shauna Baker is dead.

Chapter 28Edit

The scene cuts to late in the night, Austin, Oliver, Hayley and others who attended the party and witnessed Shauna's death, have just done their statements. Just then, Ashley shows up, she's here to pick Austin and Oliver up. One the drive home, Ashley tells Oliver that he can stay the night if he likes. Oliver says he would like to.

The scene cuts to Oliver and Austin. They're both sitting on Austin's bed. Oliver asks Austin what he thinks caused Shauna's death, and whether or not he thinks it was the killer's doing. Austin confesses to Oliver that he believes the killer did him a favour, as now he has one less monster terrorising him. Oliver asks Austin about Billy. Austin looks ashamed and asks Oliver if he's going to judge him now, but Oliver insists that he isn't going to judge him. Oliver and Austin begin talking more about Austin's relationship with Billy.

Austin confesses that being with Billy was felt great. Austin reveals that after Billy was killed, he mourned in secret as even after all they had been through, he still loved Billy. Austin begins to cry as he confesses how much he misses Billy. Oliver tries to comfort Austin, telling him that he's sorry for bringing it up. The pair begins looking into each other's tear-fulled eyes. They begin kissing as they undress each other. Oliver asks Austin if this is what he wants and Austin says it is. They proceed to have sex.

The scene cuts to early next morning. Austin and Oliver are awake, laying next to each other and are fully undressed. They look into each other's eyes and begin kissing once again. Austin pulls away and asks if they're a thing now. Oliver tells Austin they are, only if he wants to them to be. Austin confirms that he does. They continue to kiss. Austin asks Oliver if Austin is his first. Oliver reveals that he isn't, Hunter is, as they had previously dated. Austin is shocked by this news.

They both then get up from Austin's bed and get changed, before wandering down the stairs to find Ashley in the kitchen, putting out breakfast for all three of them. The three of them eat up the food before Ashley reveals that the cause of Shauna's death was revealed on the new. Her autopsy was done overnight and they found a high dosage of rat poison in her system. Ashley also reveals that the police are under the impression that the killer must have spiked the drinks that Shauna was drinking.

The scene cuts to later in the day. Austin and Oliver are both sitting in Austin's bedroom. Oliver asks Austin if he wants to either tell the others about them or keep their relationship a secret for now. Austin says that he'd like to tell the others. They decided to tell the others in school, the next day. Austin suggests that now Shauna is dead, and will no longer be able to taunt Austin for liking guys, that they go for a meal together as a couple. Oliver says that he'll book at table at a local restaurant.

Chapter 29Edit

The scene cuts to after Austin and Oliver have set off to go to the restaurant. Ashley begins hearing noises. presumably, footsteps, coming from upstairs. Ashley grabs a knife from the kitchen and slowly travels up the staircase. She walks into her bedroom, with the knife in hand. She is shocked to find the word "killer" on the wall, written in what looks to be blood. Just then, she receives a call from the killer. She hesitates, but answers anyway.

Over the phone, the killer tells Ashley that she's got away with what she had done for so long, but they're going to make her pay. The killer tells Ashley that she has 24 hours to come clean with Austin about what she did, or they'll slit his throat and force her to watch, before gutting her and leaving her to bleed out. Ashley screams as she throws her phone at the wall. Suddenly, a loud banging noise comes from Austin's bedroom. Ashley, with the knife in hand, walks into Austin's bedroom but cannot see anything unusual. She leaves the room and begins walking down the stairs. Just then, Ashley is pushed down the stairs. When she hits the floor, she manages to pull herself up. She sees that the killer is standing in front of her. Suddenly, Ashley's vision fades out.

The scene cuts to Austin and Oliver walking out of the restaurant and they're holding hands. Suddenly, Hunter appears out of nowhere. He sees that Oliver and Austin are holding hands and becomes jealous, although he tries his hardest not to show it. He tells the two that he's happy for them, before turning to Austin and asking if they can drop the bad blood between them. Austin says yes. They both shake hands and smile at each other. Once Austin and Oliver have walked away, Hunter's facial expressions show his real reaction. He is angry and infuriated. He swears that he'll take Austin down, even if it's the last thing he does. Hunter begins following them, without them knowing. He watches as they enter through the door.

As Austin and Oliver enter the house, they find Ashley passed out on the floor. They run over to her. Austin manages to wake her up. Ashley begins screaming and panicking when she awakens. Austin and Oliver pick her up and carry her into the front room, before laying her on the sofa. Suddenly, Austin receives a call from the killer. Austin answers the call and asks the killer if this is their doing. The killer confirms that they did, and gloats about it. The killer asks Austin how much he thinks that he knows his mother. Austin tells the killer that he knows his mother inside out. The killer tells Austin that he knows nothing about her, before telling him to ask her what she's hiding. The call then ends. Oliver receives a text message from his parents, asking him to come home. Oliver then leaves.

Once Oliver has left, Austin begins quizzing his mother on what she's hiding. Ashley tells Austin that what she's about to tell him cannot be repeated to anyone. Ashley reveals that she knows why the killer is targeting them as the episode fades out.

Chapter 30Edit

We fade in to see a younger Ashley and Harry. Ashley and Harry were both in work, so she asked her brother, Shane, to babysit Austin, who had just turned one. Ashley came home early from work. She thought she was home alone but could hear loud banging noises coming from upstairs. She went outside and retrieved a metal pipe, before returning inside to find the intruder. She walked up the stairs and could hear the loud banging more now, and they were coming from her bedroom. She kicked open the door and found Harry having sex with a blonde girl who she had never met before. Ashley lost control and Harry with the metal pipe that she was carrying, knocking him unconscious. She then walked over to the blonde girl, who begged for Ashley not to hurt her. Ashley then began repeatedly bashing the blonde girl across the head with the metal pipe. Ashley then regained control and had realised what she had done. The flashback ends.

Austin begins shouting and crying at his mother, calling her a murderer. Ashley cries at hearing her son calling her this. Austin screams to his mother that she's going to confess to the police, whether she likes it or not. Just then, Austin receives a call from the killer, who tells Austin that if they police are contacted, they'll slaughter more people that he loves, starting with Oliver. The call then ends. Ashley reveals that she'll hand herself in after the killings have ended.

The camera zooms in on the window. We see that Hunter is secretly watching into Austin's house. Just then, he hears a noise from behind him. He turns around in fear and sees Austin standing there, pissed. Austin demands to know what the hell Hunter thinks he's doing. Hunter claims to be just looking for Oliver. Austin tells Hunter about Oliver leaving ages ago. Hunter then leaves and walks to his car, which is parked far away from Austin's house.

During Hunter's walk to his car, the killer begins following him. As he gets closer to his car, he begins running as he knows that the killer is behind him. The killer begins running to, chasing him into a nearby field. Hunter runs over a bear-trap, which closes on his leg. Hunter falls to the floor and screams in pain as the killer gets closer and closer. The killer wraps their arms around Hunter's neck and strangles him. Hunter is knocked unconscious and is dragged away while the scene fades out.

Chapter 31Edit

The scene reopens to weeks later, after Hunter's disappearance. Nobody has heard from either him or the killer, causing everyone to believe that Hunter is the killer. Austin and Ashley are sitting at the kitchen table and are eating breakfast. Ashley tells Austin that he doesn't have to go back to school yet, as she is sure that the teachers would understand if he'd rather stay off. Austin tells his mother that everybody is going back today, and he doesn't want to fall behind on his education.

Ashley reminds Austin that there is always a possibility that Hunter, who everybody believes is the killer, could return and finish off the killing spree that he started. The mother and son are both under the impression that the killing spree started only to get Ashley to confess to her crime. Austin tells his mother about how the police had to investigate Hunter's car, which was discovered to have been ditched in a forest. Whilst searching through the car, they found the key to Hunter's hotel room, which turned out to be the killer's lair. Austin looks at his mother and confesses that with Hunter gone, she no longer has to hand herself in, as she cannot lose another parent, no matter what they're done. Austin and Ashley share a moment as the screen flashes to black.

The scene cuts to Deputy Julie Shay, who is paroling around the neighbourhood inside a police car. She pulls up at a red light when she hears a loud smashing sound coming from the back window. She gets out of the car and sees around ten children standing there, all holding rocks. As she begins walking over to them, they all flee. Deputy Shay grunts. She turns back around and mutters to herself to remember to have the cameras on that street analysed and try to identify the children. She walks back over to her police car, only to see that the wheels have been slashed. At the sight of this, she calls for backup.

As Julie waits for the backup, she begins hearing the laughs of the children. She turns around in the direction of where the laughing was coming from but sees nothing there. She turns back around, only to be hit across the head with a brick. Julie begins screaming and begging for the killer to spare her. The killer repeatedly bashes Julie's head in with the brick until it is nothing more than a bloody pulp. Just as the killer finishes off smashing in Julie's skull, the children who smashed Julie's car window re-emerge from where-ever they ran off too. They all begin screaming once their little eyes meet Julie's corpse that lays dead on the ground. The killer hears the screaming and flees.

Chapter 32Edit

The scene cuts to later in the day during Mrs Haywood's Psychology class. Austin and his remaining friends are sitting in their seats, along with a few others. The class are discussing dreams and what relevance they have to people. Mrs Haywood tells the class that she has a video that she wants to share with them. She walks over to her computer and turns the video on. The video runs smoothly, when suddenly it is hijacked. The original footage has been swapped and replaced with a video which repeatedly flashes between Julie's murder and Hunter's torture. In the video, Hunter is tied up and locked in a barn. The killer then throws water all over him, before repeatedly shocking him with a taser. The video ends as the killer tilts his head to face the camera. The class is frantic and worried. Austin is devastated when he realises that he was once again wrong about Hunter, and about the killings being over. Mrs Haywood calls Sheriff Crane, who has returned to work. The scene cuts to black.

The scene reopens to Austin and Oliver, who are both sitting in Oliver's house. Austin is frustrated and infuriated over the revelation that the killer is back. Austin asks Oliver if he can keep a secret. Austin makes Oliver swear to secrecy. He tells Oliver the reason as to why the killer is targeting his family. Austin admits that he doesn't know what to, as he doesn't want to lose another parent, but believes that the killer will just keep killing more people he loves until something is done about his mother. Oliver is at a loss for words, but tells Austin that he has to do what he believes is right. The two hug as the camera zooms in on Oliver's face, which has a suspicious look on it. They pull away from each other and Austin asks if Oliver thinks it's time to tell the others about them. Oliver says that he does. The scene fades out as Austin texts the others, asking for them to meet with him and Oliver.

The scene cuts to Ashley, who is home alone. She is agitated over the killer returning. She considers committing suicide as she believes that the killings will stop. She soon changes her mind when she thinks of Austin. She cries to herself, about how sorry she is for causing all of this.

The scene then cuts to the police station, where Sheriff Crane is sitting alone in his off. His burns are visible, but are healing well. Just then, Sharon Young, who has gone back to being a deputy, enters the room. She has been crying. She is distraught over Julie's death, as she considered Julie as her closest and only friend.

Deputy Sharon informs Sheriff Crane that the video footage of Hunter has been tracked down, to the same place where Sheriff Crane was held and tortured at. Sheriff Crane confesses that he doesn't feel strong enough to go back there. He asks for Deputy Young to go there, he assigns Deputy Martinez to go with her. He supplies them both with extra guns just in case of an attack. The two deputies set of the barn.

Chapter 33Edit

The scene then cuts to Austin, Oliver and the others, who are all sitting by a fountain. They tell the group about their relationship. Everybody has good and positive reactions, congratulating the pair, and telling Austin that he deserves happiness after all he's been through over the past few weeks. Austin and Oliver smile as they hold hands. Hayley asks if Austin and Oliver would like to stay out for a bit, but Austin reveals that he and Oliver have an evening planned. Hayley smiles and says that she's happy for them.

The scene cuts back to the two deputies, Deputy Young and Deputy Martinez. They have just arrived at the barn. They both draw out their guns, having one in each hand. The walk over to the barn doors, only to find that it has been padlocked shut. Deputy Martinez shoots at the pad, breaking their way into the barn. When they arrive inside, they find nothing. Just then, Deputy Young's phone begins ringing. She realises that the number is listed as unknown and must be the killer. She answers the call and begs for them not to take another innocent life. The killer laughs at her.

When the killer finally stops laughing, they admit to knowing that the two deputies were on their way, so they quickly planned a little game for them. The killer tells the two deputies to look around. Deputy Martinez spots a shovel and asks the killer what they want them to do with it. The killer tells the deputies that they're smart people, and to figure it out. The call then drops.

The two deputies talk among each other, realising that Hunter must be buried. The begin to look around for freshly dug dirt but cannot find anything. Just then, they hear loud banging, which is coming from underneath farm requirement. Deputy Martinez runs over and attempts to move the equipment out of the way. Deputy Young then begins digging, only to hit a coffin-like-box. She begins to dig faster until the dirt that covers the box is completely gone. As the open the box, they find that Hunter isn't inside there, and the noises that they could hear were from Hunter's phone. They see that Hunter's phone was recently charged, and has received a text from the killer, congratulating them for their good work. The text reveals that Hunter is in a completely different place, and they will not find him until the killer wants them too.

The scene cuts back to Austin, Oliver and Hayley. Oliver is driving back from meeting their friends in his new car. Oliver is driving Hayley home first, then will be driving to Austin's house. Hayley asks Oliver if he has any music that he could play. Oliver presses play on the radio, which causes Melanie Martinez's song, 'Dead To Me' to play. Austin says that he doesn't think the song is suitable to play, during the murderous events. This causes Oliver to chuckle, before changing the song. They drive to Hayley's house, but their drive is interrupted when Oliver receives a text from the killer, which reveals Hunter's current location; the abandoned school. The three teenagers are determined to help Hunter. Oliver swerves the car and drives in the direction of the school. Oliver tells Austin to check under the seat. Austin does so and pulls out a gun. Austin and Hayley are shocked at this. Oliver admits that his parents have been extremely over-protective since the killings started. Austin and Hayley understand.

Chapter 34Edit

The scene cuts to the trio arriving at the school. Austin sighs and asks himself why the killer likes this place so much. Oliver hears him and tells Austin that the killer most likely has some special bond with it. Austin is confused as to what it could be. The trio enters the school as they pull out their phones for the torches. Oliver points both his phone and gun in the direction that they walk in. They all begin hear screaming from just ahead. They walk in the direction of where the screaming came from. Just then, SLASH! Oliver's back is slashed by the killer and he drops both the gun and his phone. The killer then flees. Austin drops to the floor with Oliver and begins crying. He begs for Oliver not to die on him. Hayley picks up the gun and holds it around. She screams for the killer to show himself. Austin cries down the phone as he calls for an ambulance.

Oliver looks at Austin and Hayley and tells them to go find Hunter, before it's too late for him. Austin refuses to leave Oliver on his own, but Oliver insists. Austin still refuses to leave Oliver alone. Hayley tells Austin that she'll stay with Oliver, before throwing the gun to him. Austin then goes to find the killer. Moments after Austin had left Oliver and Hayley, the killer jumps out and tackles Austin. The killer manages to knock the gun out of Austin's hand and Austin manages to knock the knife out of the killer's hand. They begin punching each other on the floor. Austin manages to gain the upper hand and kick the killer off of him. He grabs the gun and shoots at the killer twice. The bullets hit the killer in the chest, and they drop to the floor. Austin thinks that it's finally over. Just then, the killer picks up their knife and manages to stab Austin in the shoulder. Austin shrieks out in pain as he shoots the killer a three more times in the chest, before realising that the killer must be wearing some sort of bulletproof vest. He then points the gun at the killer's head and shoots, but misses. The killer then gets up and slices across Austin's stomach. Austin cries out in pain as he begs for the killer to unmask their-self. However, the killer refuses and stabs Austin a second time in she shoulder.

Austin begins to bleed out a lot of blood. He holds his wounds as he shoots at the killer again, who is now running away. He manages to shoot the killer through the back of the head, killing them. Hayley, who is helping Oliver walk, enters the room and sees the killer on the floor. She smiles and congratulates Austin. She then walks over to the killer's corpse and asks Oliver and Austin if they want to help unmask them. They say they do, as Austin want's to know which 'sicko' has been targeting him. The trio turns the killer's body over, as it was facing the floor. They begin to unmask them as the paramedics and police burst through the door. Just then, Sheriff Crane comes running into the school. He runs over to the teenagers and asks who the killer is. They admit that they don't know yet, as they were just unmasking them. Sheriff Crane asks if he can do it, as he wants to know who did this to him. The three teens let him. Sheriff Crane slowly pulls off the killer's gas mask, revealing it to be SEAN HAYES!

The scene cuts to Austin and Oliver both being wheeled away on a hospital trolley into an ambulance. We see Deputy Young and Deputy Martinez exiting the building, walking next to Hunter, who is wrapped in blankets for warmth. He is covered with cuts, bruises and burns from the torture that he receives while he was missing. Ashley pulls up in her car, clearly upset about the news about Austin and Oliver being attacked. She runs over to Austin's ambulance and climbs inside. We cut to outside the ambulance, where Sheriff Crane is talking with Hayley. Sheriff Crane asks Hayley if Sean ever revealed his motive, but she reveals that he did not. Just then, Ella shows up. She's crying over Sean's reveal and betrayal. The episode fades out.

Chapter 35Edit

As we fade in, Austin is told by a therapist that he is prescribing him something to help him sleep at night, the therapist then asks Austin if he's ever been on anti-depressants. Austin is unresponsive and looks depressed. The therapist recognises this and asks Austin how he's feeling. After hearing this question, Austin loses it and runs out of the room. The therapist watches on, he is concerned for Austin's mental state.

The scene cuts to Hayley, Nathan, Nicole, Ella and Oliver, who are all waiting in the coffee shop that Nicole has recently started working at. They're waiting for Austin. Ella is still distraught over Sean's betrayal. Just then, Oliver recognises two familiar people standing at the tills and points it out to the others. It's Caleb and Ava. Hayley shouts them over and asks Ava how she's been doing after the stuff she went through before. Ava thanks Hayley for being concerned about her and admits that she's slowly getting back to normal. The conversation falls silent. Everybody, minus Ava, begin looking at Caleb.

Caleb feels their eyes watching him and asks why they're looking at him like that. Hayley reminds Caleb that he knows why; because of Austin. He looks sad. Caleb insists that he's sorry for what he had done. Just then, a tired-looking Austin walks into the coffee shop and sees Caleb. He marches over to Caleb and stands in front of him. Caleb begins to apologise to Austin for attacking him, but Austin cuts him off, saying that he doesn't want to hear Caleb's apology, as he is the one who caused what happened and is the one who should apologise. Austin admits how sorry he is for causing Caleb years of abuse. Caleb accepts Austin's apology and they bury the hatchet. Austin asks if Ava and Caleb would like to hang out with them, but they decline as they're on their way to a date. Hayley asks if they're a thing now and they reveal that they are. Everybody congratulates them as the scene fades out.

The scene reopens later in the day. Oliver and Austin are alone in Oliver's bedroom. Oliver notices that Austin is acting weird and asks him what's wrong. Austin walks over to Oliver and sits next to him, leaning his head on Oliver's shoulder. He confides in Oliver about how betrayed he feels. Austin admits that he's been having more nightmares about when he killed Sean. He also admits that he's been finding it hard to trust those close to him after Sean's reveal. Oliver asks if that involves him and insists that he won't be mad. Austin tells his boyfriend that he does trust him. They begin hugging. As they hug, Austin sees Oliver's reflection in the mirror. Oliver is looking quite suspicious. Austin asks him about why he's looking like that. Just then, STAB! Oliver stabs Austin and asks if he thought it was over.

Just then, Austin jerks awake, revealing it have been a dream. He realises tat he had fallen asleep in Oliver's bed. Oliver sees that Austin is awake and asks how his sleep was. Austin then cries to his boyfriend about how bad the nightmares are getting. They begin hugging just like in the nightmare as the scene fades out.

Chapter 36Edit

The scene cuts to Nathan, Nicole and Ella all hanging out. Ella admits that she still feels terrible about Sean's betrayal. After hearing Ella talk about Sean, Nicole is somehow reminded that the killer attacked Sean right in front of her before, which resulted in the killer stabbing Sean. Suddenly, it clicks that there is more than one killer. The three teenagers all pull out their phones and begin to call Austin and Sheriff Crane.

The scene cuts to Ashley, who is parked outside of Oliver's house while waiting for Austin. Just then, Austin and Oliver exit the house and hug as they say their goodbyes. Austin then walks over to Ashley's car and climbs inside. On their journey home, Ashley reveals that she received a visit from Dr Jacob Carter, who is Austin's therapist. He told her about Austin running out of therapy and asks if he'd like to talk about it, but Austin turns her down. Ashley then reveals that Dr Carter also dropped off a prescription bottle of anti-depressants. Austin asks his mother if they can change the subject. Ashley asks her son about his relationship with Oliver and if they're more than friends now. Austin confirms that they're now dating as the scene fades out.

The scene cuts back to Ella, Nathan and Nicole. For unknown reasons, their phones cannot contact anybody. Ella reveals that she's going to head to the police station and tell Sheriff Crane in person. After Ella has done, Nathan says that he's feeling quite dizzy as he falls to the floor. Nicole also falls to the floor. The twins are both unconscious. Smash to black.

Chapter 37Edit

The scene reopens to Austin and Ashley, still on their way home. It's dark out. Just then, Ashley realises that there is somebody in the middle of the road. She tries to step on the breaks but they're not working. Ashley swerves the car and crashes into a cornfield. Just then, the killer walks over to the car while carrying a baseball bat.

Austin, who is unaware of the killer's presence, puts his hand on his head and discovers that he's bleeding. Ashley tries to ask him if he's okay, but is interrupted by the killer who has just smashed through the car windscreen. The killer hits both Austin and Ashley in the face, knocking them both unconscious. The killer then drags both of them out the car and throws them in a white van. They begin driving away. With their voice modulator active, the say to their self that it's showtime. Smash to black

The scene reopens to Austin regaining consciousness. He awakens to find himself locked in a small room that has a window that faces into another room, but the window is covered with curtains. Austin realises that he's chained to a pipe and cannot get lose. Suddenly, the curtains swing open, revealing the killer to be on the other side, waving at him. Austin is devastated when he realises that the torment that he suffered is far from over. He sees two tables on both sides of the killer, he realises that there are two people, who are dressed as the killer, restrained to the table with rope.

Suddenly, the killer approaches the first masked person who is bound to the table. The killer pulls off their gas mask, revealing it to be Ashley, who has her mouth duck taped shut. Austin bangs his fists again the window and screams for the killer to let her go. The killer ignores Austin and turns to the second masked person. They then proceed to pull of the gas mask from the second person, revealing them to be Nathan, who also has his mouth duck taped shut. The killer turns and faces in Austin's direction. Austin begs for the killer to let them both go, but the killer refuses, stating that Austin must choose only one of the two people before him. The killer then reveals that the chosen person will be spared, and the other person will die.

The killer demands Austin to choose between Nathan, who is full of innocence in all of this, and Ashley, who is a murderer. The killer then tells Austin to choose wisely. Austin shouts for the killer to kill him instead. The killer then admits that they plan on it, but first they want Austin to choose who to save. In order to make it harder for Austin to choose, the killer takes away the tape from Nathan and Ashley's mouths, causing them to scream and shout. Ashley pleads for Austin to choose to save Nathan, as she deserves to die more than he does. Austin begins crying. Nathan insists for Austin to choose to save his mother instead, as Austin doesn't deserve to lose another parent. As both people try to persuade Austin to save the other person, we cut to black.

Chapter 38Edit

We reopen to the killer counting down from ten, revealing that if they get to one and Austin hasn't picked, both of them will die. The pressure is put on Austin as the killer counts down. As the killer gets to six, Nathan screams for Austin to choose Ashley to be saved. Austin sobs as he asks Nathan if this is what he really wants. Nathan confirms that it is. Austin cries as he tells the killer that he chooses to save his mother.

Suddenly, the killer stops counting and pulls out a corkscrew. They impale Nathan in the eye with it and twist it, but it doesn't kill him. The killer laughs at Nathan as he screams out in pain. The killer then goes to the other side of the room and picks up a can of gasoline. They then walk back over to Nathan and doses him in the gasoline. Nathan, Austin and Ashley realise what's about to happen and they all scream. The killer laughs at their screams, dubbing them all pathetic. The killer then lights a match and throws to on Nathan, setting him on fire. Austin and Ashley both cry out at the sight of this.

Once Nathan is dead, the killer reveals that if Austin was to choose to save Nathan, the killing spree would have been over as their revenge would have been served. The killer then promises that the killing spree isn't over and they run out of the room. Just then, the door to the room Austin is locked in is opened by the killer, the killer throws the key to Austin's chain to him. Austin unlocks himself and tries to chase down the killer, but they prove to be too fast for him to catch up. Austin gives up with trying to catch up with the killer and ultimately decides to go help his mother out of her restraints. The mother and son then escape the hell hole.

The scene cuts to around half an hour later, police and reporters are swarming the building. Austin and Ashley are comforting each other as they're interviewed by reporters. Suddenly, Nicole comes running up, she is crying hysterically. She is in mourning over the loss of her twin brother. Austin and Ashley comfort her. Hunter then comes running up, but instead of being here to get the story, he's here as a friend. Austin and Hunter put their unfriendly past behind them and become friends.

Sheriff Crane then approaches them, asking to speak to Austin and Ashley in private. When they're alone, he asks for them to tell him exactly what happened. They explain to him what happened, but leave out the part about the killer calling Ashley a murderer. Sheriff Crane tells them if they know why the killer is targeting them, now is the time for him to know because everything will come out sooner or later. They insist that they do not know. Sheriff Crane then leaves as the episode fades out.

Chapter 39Edit

Picking up the next morning, Austin is laying in bed. He hasn't had much sleep due to having nightmares of Nathan's burned-out corpse. He slowly picks himself up out of bed and wanders into the bathroom, so he can take the pills that Dr Carter prescribed. He washes the pills down with some water. Austin then looks in the mirror and sees Nathan's corpse burning behind him. He screams and shouts for help. Ashley comes running in the room, having heard the shouting and asks Austin what's wrong. Upon hearing his mother's voice, he is pulled back to reality, realising that Nathan was a hallucination.

The scene cuts to later in the day. Ella is laying on her bed, writing in her journal. She is writing about how affected she has been by Sean's betrayal. In her journal, she admits that she's been struggling to trust those closest to her. Ella is about to continue on writing, but her phone begins ringing. She realises that caller is unknown, meaning that it's the killer.

Ella answers the call and asks the killer what they want. The killer tells Ella that they want her to join them and take Sean's place. Ella refuses the killer's offer and calls them sick. The killer tells Ella to suit herself and then ends the call. This makes Ella worried, as she's currently home alone. She tries to call Sheriff Crane for help, but her calls aren't going through.

Ella realises that she needs to get to safety immediately. She throws on a jacket and puts on some shoes. She dashes out of her bedroom, only to be stabbed in the back with garden shears. The stabbing wasn't very deep, so Ella's able to push the killer out of the way and runs back into her bedroom, locking the door behind her.

While looking for a place to hide, Ella climbs into the closet, hoping that the killer wouldn't find her. Just as she closes the closest door, the killer comes smashing in through her bedroom door. Ella holds onto her mouth and silently cries. Using their voice modulator, the killer tells Ella that she should have joined them.

Suddenly, the garden sheers stab through the closet door, nearly stabbing Ella, which makes her scream. The killer then sees that Ella is in there, and tells Ella how predictable she is. Ella pushes the killer out of the was and dashes out onto the balcony, in hopes that she'll manage to knock the killer off.

The killer slowly walks out onto the balcony, with garden sheers in hand. They call Ella a 'dumb bitch' for trying to hide on the balcony. Just then, Ella jumps from the ledge of the balcony and lands on top of the killer, causing them to accidentally throw the garden sheers over the edge of the balcony. Ella tries to fight the killer, but they're way too strong for her. The killer grabs on to Ella, which makes her realise that her fate is sealed.

The killer throws Ella over the side of the balcony, causing her to crack her head open on the steps below. Ella Brown is dead. The killer looks over the balcony to admire their own work, but the see Ella's parents getting ready to come up the driveway. The killer then flees the scene as Ella's mother begins screaming at the sight of her dead daughter. Smash to black.

Chapter 40Edit

The scene fades into Ashley, who is watching TV alone. On the TV, the Mayor, Iris Winningham, is giving a speech about how the annual carnival will still be held this year, despite the murders, and will serve as a fundraiser for the families of the victims. Ashley mutters that Iris is a crazy bitch.

Just then, Ashley receives a call from the killer, who tells her that tonight is the big finale and how they're going to make sure that everybody is watching the big horror show. Ashley tells the killer that they're not going to get away with it. The killer then reminds Ashley that she got away with murder for 16 years. Ashley then falls silent, realising that the killer isn't wrong.

The killer then asks Ashley about how Sasha is doing, although doesn't specify who Sasha is. Ashley is shocked by this question and asks the killer how they know about her. The killer responds by telling Ashley that they know everything. The call then ends and the scene fades out.

We cut to the carnival. Austin and Oliver have just arrived and are holding hands. Oliver asks if Nicole is still coming. Austin reveals that Nicole doesn't think that she'll be able to show her face just yet, as she's still mourning Nathan.

Just then, Danielle and Dawson walk past and see that Austin and Oliver are holding hands. They walk over to them and congratulate them. Danielle admits that with Shauna now gone, Austin is free to be with whoever he likes. Austin asks her if she knew the reason why Shauna hated him so much. Danielle admits that Shauna did, in fact, tell her the reason behind her hatred.

Danielle reveals that Shauna was crushing on Austin and thinking about asking him on a date, and then she found him together with Billy. Her love then turned to hatred, upon realising that she's never going to end up with him. Austin is shocked by this news. Just then, Dawson reveals to Danielle that he has to just quickly pop back to his car. Danielle offers to come with him, but he insists that it's quicker if he goes alone.

The camera follows Dawson walking to behind the Ferris wheel. Just then, somebody approaches him, but we don't see who. Dawson asks for them to promise that they won't harm Danielle, in order for him not to expose them as the killer. Suddenly, the pull out a knife and slice Dawson's throat before he can react.

Chapter 41Edit

We see Austin and Oliver. Austin has just received a text from Nicole, revealing that she has decided to come to the carnival, and will be there in a few minutes. Just then, Mayor Iris Winningham walks up to her podium and speak through the microphone. She asks everybody to listen in. The mayor talks about how happy she is that the town is coming together during its time of need. She asks everybody to take a moment to remember those who were taken by the Gas Mask Maniac. She then tells everybody to enjoy their-selves.

The mayor then exits the stage and begins walking over her car, as the killer secretly follows her, who's face we do not see. As they get closer to Mayor Winningham's car and there's nobody around but them, the killer manages to catch up with the mayor. The killer taps her on the back, which causes her to turn around. The killer recognises the killer and asks them if they're enjoying the carnival. The killer, who's face we still do not see, pulls out their knife and strikes Iris in the face with it. The killer then repeatedly slashes, slits and stabs Iris repeatedly. The killer then tosses Iris to the ground and leaves her to bleed out.

We then cut to Deputy Sharon Young, who is patrolling the fun-house, just in case of any potential attacks from the killer. Just then, she is informed, via radio, about the murders of Ella, Dawson and Iris. She is asked to go outside and tell everybody to go home as it isn't safe. She pulls the radio up to her mouth and tells the person on the radio that she is on her way.

Just as Deputy Young turns around, she is pushed backwards by the killer. She smashes through a mirror. Although injured, Deputy Young manages to call for backup. Just then, the killer surprises Deputy Young with an axe to the face. The killer repeatedly hacks at Deputy Young until she is dead and bloody. The killer runs for it, but leaves the axe there.

The scene cuts back to Austin and Oliver. Nicole has just arrived. Suddenly, Austin's phone begins ringing; it's Ashley. Austin answers call, only to discover that it's the killer. Austin is instructed to step away from Oliver and Nicole, so he does. Austin then begs for the killer not to hurt his mother. The killer then tells Austin their location; the abandoned school. The killer tells him to come alone of they'll kill everybody he loves. The call then ends. Austin tells his friends that Ashley needs him to come home for a second. Oliver offers to drive him, but he turns the offer down.

The scene cuts to Austin, who has just arrived at home. He picks up a butcher's knife and leaves the house. When outside, he realises that Ashley's car is still here. He knows where Ashley keeps a spare key to it and runs back inside. Austin returns moments later and runs over to his mother's car. He lets himself inside and begins driving.

The scene cuts to Austin arriving at the abandoned school. He parks the car and gets out, with the knife in hand. Suddenly, he receives a text from the killer, telling him to go inside. As Austin walks inside, he shouts for the killer to show themselves. Suddenly, he hears Ashley screaming for help. Austin runs in the direction of his mother's screams.

When Austin arrives in the room that heard his mother screaming from, he finds her bloody and bound to a chair with rope. He runs up to his mother, who cries that he shouldn't have come. Austin cries back that he shouldn't have left her alone. Suddenly, Ashley sees the killer approaching and tells Austin that they're here. Austin turns around and walks over to the killer, with the knife behind his back. Austin tells the killer that he's here, just like they wanted. He tells the killer to reveal yourself.

Chapter 42Edit

The killer tilts their head before putting their hand on the back of their hood and pulls it down. The killer then puts their hand over the gas mask, before taking it off. Before we see the killers face, the camera zooms in on Austin, showing us his shocked reaction. Austin says 'no, you can't be'. After Austin says this, we see the killer's face. IT'S HAYLEY CAMPBELL, who tells Austin that 'I can, and I am'.

Hayley tells Austin that she wishes he could see the look on his face. Austin looks depressed due after being betrayed again by a friend. Austin asks Hayley why she's doing this to him. Hayley reveals that the girl who Ashley murdered, was her sister, Charlotte Bennett. She then reveals that after her sister's killer was never found, her mother developed depression and later took her own life. After both her mother and sister were dead, her father couldn't cope and abandoned her.

Austin tells Hayley that she pretended to help him and that she pretended to be his friend. Hayley tells Austin that is stings when somebody breaks your trust. Ashley cries to Hayley that she's sorry for what she has done, but insists that those are her mistakes, not Austin's, so if Hayley wants to hurt somebody, hurt her instead. Hayley points her knife at Ashley and admits that she plans on it. Austin then tells Hayley that he knows she hates them but asks why she killed his friends. Hayley admits that she did this to see him suffer. Austin demands to know why Sean helped her.

Hayley eerily smiles at Austin and confesses that throughout her years living in foster care, she became curious as who her family were and managed to track them down. She discovered that one of her close friends, Sean, was actually her cousin. Hayley admits that she convinced Sean to join her, in order for him to get revenge for Sean's father's depression, which started when Hayley's mother, Sean's auntie, committed suicide.

Hayley sadistically asks Austin if he want's to know how her story ends. Austin doesn't answer, but Hayley tells him anyway. Her story ends with her slashing Austin's throat, before spilling Ashley's guts and leaving her to bleed out, but not before Austin gets a good stabbing with the knife that he has hidden behind his back.

Austin then pulls the knife from behind his back. Hayley tells Austin that once he and Ashley are dead, she's going to stumble out of the bloodbath and announce to the world that Austin is the Waldenwood slasher, and did all of this after discovering he was adopted by his biological sister's murderer. Hayley then pulls out her knife and tells Austin that it's time for the Waldenwood Slasher to die. Austin says that she's right, she will be, before swinging his knife at Hayley, but dropping it when she slashes his chest.

As Ashley screams for Hayley not to hurt Austin, Hayley admits how predictable Austin is. She then tells Ashley that she gets to watch Austin die. Austin is holding his bleeding chest. Hayley goes to stab Austin when suddenly, Ashley breaks from her binds and knocks Hayley to the floor.

Ashley climbs on the top of Hayley and begs for her to stop. Ashley climbs on top of Hayley and begs for her to stop. Hayley tells Ashley that she broke her mother's heart, just like she caused her own husband's head injury, and stabs her in the side.Austin is shocked by this news.

Hayley then tells Austin that his mommy dearest pushed his poor father down the stairs when he tried to go to the police to confess after Ashley forced him to help her cover up. Hayley then throws Ashley to the floor and goes for Austin, trying to stab him repeatedly, but missing each time. Austin calls Hayley a psychotic bitch before tackling her to the ground, which makes Hayley drop the bloody knife. Austin tries to strangle Hayley, who punches him in the chest. This makes Austin fall off Hayley. Hayley then grabs her knife and walks back over to Austin.

Hayley grabs Austin by the throat and tells Austin that he deserves this. Just then, Hayley falls to the floor. Nicole is standing behind her while holding the axe that Hayley killed Deputy Young with. She has just hacked Hayley in the back with it. Nicole then drops the axe and attends to Austin, who is still bleeding from his slash wound. Nicole tells Austin that she followed him here, knowing that it wasn't Ashley on the phone. Just then, Hayley climbs back up and is about to stab Austin. Austin jumps up and picks up the axe. He hits Hayley with the axe repeatedly until she is dead. Hayley Campbell, the Waldenwood Slasher, is dead. Smash to black.

Chapter 43Edit

The scene reopens to a few week after Hayley's defeat. We see Ashley being escorted to a prison cell for murdering Charlotte Bennett. The scene then switches to Austin, who is currently living at Oliver's house, filing an application for Waldenwood College. The scene then switches to Nicole, who has a suspicious look on her face while she reads a note that was left by Hayley, she then sets the note on fire. The scene then switches to Oliver, who is explaining that the Waldenwood Slasher may be dead, but there may more to come as Hayley's corpse was never found. Oliver then asks if Waldenwood will always be known as Murdertown. Smash to black.

Spoilers and Fun FactsEdit

  • The killer will wear a Nun's Outfit, with a Gas Mask applied.
  • The body count will be high.
  • There are multiple fight and chase scenes.
  • There are a few similarities between this story, and the two current seasons of Scream.
  • The idea of having a carnival in the finale was adapted from JMO's The Riverdale Murders (Season 1) finale.

What Could Have HappenedEdit

  • Hunter Ramsey was originally named Stanley Forward, and was set to die in episode 4.
  • Oria Callahan, a character from a previous story of mine, was to appear in this season, but was eventually taken out due to the story remaining unfinished.
  • The story has been scrapped, so her character has been added to Season 3.
  • Jeremy Crane was originally intended to have no relation to Ava Crane.
    • His name was originally Jeremy Peters.
  • Each episode was going to start with a flashback, dating back to the events of "that night" with Harry, Charlotte and Ashley.
  • This was just going to be a stand alone season, with no seasons afterwards.
    • This changed around the time I was writing Sean's reveal.
  • Oliver was going to be briefly introduced during episode 1.
  • Billy was going to survive the events of episode 1, but would have died in episode 2.
  • Caleb was going to stab Austin in Halloween.
  • Hayley was going to help Austin kill Sean.
  • Ashley's secret was going to be revealed in Part 2 of 'Drink Until You Die', but the episode was too long.
  • Nicole was originally set to die instead of Nathan, but I changed my mind.
    • I changed my mind because all of the teenage survivors would have been male, minus Danielle.
  • Nathan's death, in Would You Rather, was originally going to involve Hydrofluroic Acid, which would've been pumped into his body, making him melt from the inside.
  • Austin and Ashley were intended to die at the end of the finale.
  • I considered letting Hayley survive and escape after her reveal.
    • She would have appeared in season 2.
    • She would have been the opening kill, but this soon changed when I decided that the killer's motive would be to avenge Hayley.

Body CountEdit

# Victim Cause Of Death Killer
1 Alison Harris Throat Slit Hayley Campbell
2 Michael Sevens Stabbed Repeatedly Hayley Campbell
3 Billy Gould Hacked to Death Sean Hayes
4 Random Cop Impaled Through Eye Hayley Campbell
5 Leanne Floyd Mutilated with Electric Tiller, Then Disembowled Sean Hayes & Hayley Campbell
6 Harry Thomas Slaughtered with Circular Power Saw Hayley Campbell
7 Deputy Dennis Alman Impaled and Decapitated with Machete

Sean Hayes

8 Ava's Mother and Stepfather Died in House Fire (Mentioned) No Killer
9 Emily Edwards Throat Slit, Stabbed In Back; Knife Twisted Sean Hayes
10 Sage The Dog Let Off Lead, Ran Into Road (Flashback) Accidently Caused By Austin Thomas
11 Alissa Miller Locked In Freezer, Froze To Death (Off-Screen) Sean Hayes
12 Mr & Mrs Ramsey Involved In A Car Crash, Later Died Of Injuries (Flashback) No Killer
13 Shauna Baker Drinks Spiked With Rat Poison Danielle Duffy
14 Charlotte Bennett Head Bashed with Pipe (Flashback) Ashley Thomas
15 Julie Shay Head Bashed In with Brick Sean Hayes
16 Sean Hayes Gunned Down Austin Thomas
17 Nathan Smith Eye Impaled with Corkscrew, Set on Fire Hayley Campbell, Caused by Austin Thomas
18 Ella Brown Thrown From Balcony, Head Cracked Open Hayley Campbell
19 Dawson Riley Throat Slit Hayley Campbell
20 Iris Winningham Stabbed Repeatedly Hayley Campbell
21 Sharon Young Thrown Through Glass Mirror, Hacked to Death with Axe Hayley Campbell
22 Hayley Campbell Hacked to Death with Own Axe Nicole Smith, Austin Thomas


Identity: Hayley Campbell Status: Deceased
Target: The Thomas Family  Gender: Female
Motive: To avenge Charlotte's death
Identity: Sean Hayes Status: Deceased
Target: The Thomas Family Gender: Male
Motive: To avenge Charlotte's death, get revenge for causing his mother's depression and help his cousin, Hayley. It is later revealed that Sean was actually Charlotte's biological son.


# Character
1 Austin Thomas
2 Nicole Smith
3 Oliver Anderson
4 Ashley Thomas
5 Jeremy Crane
6 Ava Crane
7 Caleb Prince
8 Gemma Haywood
9 Danielle Duffy
10 Hunter Ramsey
11 Anthony Martinez

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